1980/90's Hip Hop records vinyl GANGSTARR SHOWBIZ HIPHOP CLASSICS

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January 22, 2019 - 03:05:23 AM GMT (about 1 month ago)
1980-90-s-hip-hop-records-vinyl-gangstarr-showbiz-hiphop-classics_44793737 1980-90-s-hip-hop-records-vinyl-gangstarr-showbiz-hiphop-classics_44793744 1980-90-s-hip-hop-records-vinyl-gangstarr-showbiz-hiphop-classics_44793767
Gangstarr - Full Clip A Decade of Gang Starr (4 lp's) Show and AG - Goodfellas (2 lps)Hip Hop Classics - Volume One (2lps) A) Eric B. is President/Top Billin'/You're a Customer/The BridgeB)La Di Da Di/Make The Music With Your Mouth, Biz/Freaky Tales C)Boyz-N-The Hood/Rebel Without a Pause/Words I Manifest/Just Hangin' Out D)Straight Outta Compton/Rock The House/Amerikkka's Most Wanted/Raw '91 As you can see in the photos, some of the album covers have scratches or little rips. WIll Combine shipping
January 15, 2019 - 03:05:23 AM GMT (about 1 month ago)
1980-90-s-hip-hop-records-vinyl-gangstarr-showbiz-hiphop-classics_44793789 1980-90-s-hip-hop-records-vinyl-gangstarr-showbiz-hiphop-classics_44793823 1980-90-s-hip-hop-records-vinyl-gangstarr-showbiz-hiphop-classics_44793861 1980-90-s-hip-hop-records-vinyl-gangstarr-showbiz-hiphop-classics_44793885 1980-90-s-hip-hop-records-vinyl-gangstarr-showbiz-hiphop-classics_44793897


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