85 JOB LOT 12" VINYL - House, Trance, Garage, Rare Mash Ups, Bootlegs, Promo's

$43.83 USD
March 15, 2019 - 04:47:58 PM GMT (2 months ago)
Great lot of 85 JOB LOT 12" VINYL House, Trance, Garage Mainly from the 90's This lot is from my Dj Work collection and 90% are all winners/club anthemsRare mash up bootlegs Obviously some have been played so some of them are dusty so they will need CLEANING etc etc, Vinyl ranging from average/good condition to very good plus condition. Sleeves are also ranging from 'GOOD TO VERY GOOD' You must appreciate that i cannot play every single vinyl as it would take me years to go through them so i cannot be held responsible if one of the vinyls jumps half way through the song but to honest the all look pretty good to me. I LIVE IN ESSEX SO I WOULD RATHER A PICK UP BUT I CAN GET THEM DELIVERED TO YOU BUT I WILL CHARGE £9.00.ive listed a few below that interest me, cant list them all as it would take me ages.pete heller big love - original white labeljinny keep warmfpi projectjodeci awesome 3mory kantebrand new heavies back to love m peoplejeremy healybasement jaxxtori amos lisa stansfield mash upfelixblocksterb15 projectphats & small3 jayswiseguysamirak klasswhitney houston bootlegrosie gainesc & c music factorybaby bumpsdj jeantampererkathy brown & cj bolland mash updj jeansashyomandamike koglinhi gatedj sakinmolokoLOADS MORE ARTISTS
March 08, 2019 - 04:47:58 PM GMT (2 months ago)


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