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March 15, 2019 - 10:52:09 PM GMT (2 months ago)
FORMAT: 78 RPM Record GENRE(S): ARGENTINA ARGENTINE LATIN AMERICA TANGO ARTISTS: Anibal Troilo TITLES: BUENOS AIRES/CONTRATIEMPO LABEL & NUMBER: T.K. S-5098 GRADE & DESCRIPTION (RECORD): V (I grade conservatively using the VJM scale) NOTES: Anibal Troilo was a bandoneon player, composer & bandleader in Argentina. His orquesta tipica was among the most popular with social dancers during the golden age of the tango, from 1940-1955. These sides were recorded in March 1954 and may be signed on the label by a band member. March 2019 update:Upcoming auctions this Spring will include Spanish 78s, French Canadian 78s, several auctions worth of Mexican 78s (all prewar), and better country 45s. Not sure which order they'll go, but that will likely cover the next 6 or 7 weeks worth of auctions. After that, sometime in the summer or fall, I will likely do a blues auction, with both prewar and postwar 78s, including some high end items. Stay tuned, subscribe, and be sure to check back each week. We've barely scratched the surface on this MASSIVE collection that I began selling back in 2016, and the best stuff is yet to come. I am an experienced 78 record packer & shipper! Records will be sandwiched between cardboard and floated in an a 12? x 12? (or larger) oversized box stuffed with filler material. Haven't had a single record break, 100% positive record shipping both domestically and overseas. SHIPPING PRICES for 78 RPM RECORDS: USA: $6 for 1st 78 and .50 cents each additional. WAIT FOR INVOICE after multiple wins for combined shipping discount! INTERNATIONAL: $35 for 1st Record and $5 each additional. WAIT FOR INVOICE! CANADA: $15 for 1st Record and $3 each additional. WAIT FOR INVOICE! PLEASE EMAIL ME WITH ANY ADDITIONAL QUESTIONS THAT YOU MAY HAVE BEFORE BIDDING.
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