Led Zeppelin II, Atlantic SD 8236, Robert Ludwig Hot Mix RL SS, Monarch

$722.88 USD
May 16, 2018 - 09:10:40 PM GMT (7 months ago)
Led-zeppelin-ii-atlantic-sd-8236-robert-ludwig-hot-mix-rl-ss-monarch_39334200 Led-zeppelin-ii-atlantic-sd-8236-robert-ludwig-hot-mix-rl-ss-monarch_39334201 Led-zeppelin-ii-atlantic-sd-8236-robert-ludwig-hot-mix-rl-ss-monarch_39334205
Original 1969 Led Zeppelin II, SD 8236, Monarch press, RL SS. The Holy Grail of the Holy Grail.As you see....it’s an excellent looking record. Graded per Goldmine Standards at Excellent, would have been near mint if not for the only little mark on side one last song. No warp. Labels are perfect. Goes on spindle very hard. Professional clean. Professional pack. Record will ship outside of the sleeve but will not be able to shift. No reserve, will ship to the highest bidder. No international sales, sorry I want this to stay in the states. (Deadwax matrix etching)STA-691671-CCCSTA-691672-CCCMonarch Press! This is the highly sought after Monarch press, the holy grail of this record, first generation RL SS mastered and cut by Robert Ludwig at Sterling Sound and pressed at Monarch in Los Angeles. It has the smaller side two deadwax. Thick late 60’s vinyl, about 170 grams. Broadway address.Original inner sleeve still nice and white. Cover is split but is great shape considering it’s almost 50 years old and made from not so durable matte. Record may have to be insured and signature required.What a great addition to someone’s prized collection.
May 09, 2018 - 09:10:40 PM GMT (7 months ago)
Led-zeppelin-ii-atlantic-sd-8236-robert-ludwig-hot-mix-rl-ss-monarch_39334209 Led-zeppelin-ii-atlantic-sd-8236-robert-ludwig-hot-mix-rl-ss-monarch_39334214 Led-zeppelin-ii-atlantic-sd-8236-robert-ludwig-hot-mix-rl-ss-monarch_39334217 Led-zeppelin-ii-atlantic-sd-8236-robert-ludwig-hot-mix-rl-ss-monarch_39334218 Led-zeppelin-ii-atlantic-sd-8236-robert-ludwig-hot-mix-rl-ss-monarch_39334219 Led-zeppelin-ii-atlantic-sd-8236-robert-ludwig-hot-mix-rl-ss-monarch_39334224 Led-zeppelin-ii-atlantic-sd-8236-robert-ludwig-hot-mix-rl-ss-monarch_39334227 Led-zeppelin-ii-atlantic-sd-8236-robert-ludwig-hot-mix-rl-ss-monarch_39334229 Led-zeppelin-ii-atlantic-sd-8236-robert-ludwig-hot-mix-rl-ss-monarch_39334230


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