lot of 22 Lp’s, Vinyl, Records Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin Classic Rock

$182.50 USD
September 15, 2021 - 12:20:39 AM GMT (12 days ago)
lot of 22 Lp’s, Vinyl, Records Goldmine grading - cover then vinyl Black Sabbath never say die (shrink) Vg+ Vg- “ “ vol 4 Vg- (no splits but water damage) Vg green label “ “ mob rules Vg Vg “ “ heaven and hell Vg- (back cover shows water marks, bottom 1” split) Vg+ Ac/dc Powerage Vg Vg+ “ “ let there be rock Vg Vg+ “ “ if you want blood Vg G ( scratches, surface noise but plays through) Led Zeppelin presence Vg- (water damage) Vg+ “ “ the song remains the same Vg- seam wear… side 1 & 2 Vg (light scuffs). Side 3 Vg+ (label missing) w/booklet “ “ physical graffiti Vg- (tears on cover) Vg+ Vg+ “ “ house of the holy Vg-( water damage) Vg- scratches but plays through Queen a night at the opera Vg seams are good Vg “ “ sheer heart attack Vg Vg- light scratches Frank Zappa one size fits all Vg Vg “ “ roxy & elsewhere Vg (no splits) Vg Vg “ “ in New York Vg (seam wear) Vg + Vg+ Roxy music Avalon Vg+ Vg+ “ “ siren (re issue) Vg Vg- lots of scratches on side 2 “ “ for your pleasure (re issue) Vg Vg+ “ “ stranded (re issue) Vg Vg+ Bryan ferry in your mind Vg Vg+ Please ask all questions before bidding as all sales final USA bidding and USA shipping only
September 08, 2021 - 12:20:39 AM GMT (19 days ago)


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