Something Else Cannonball Adderley Original Blue Note BLP 1595 W63 Ear RVG

$844.00 USD
May 16, 2018 - 08:43:43 PM GMT (7 months ago)
Something-else-cannonball-adderley-original-blue-note-blp-1595-w63-ear-rvg_39333123 Something-else-cannonball-adderley-original-blue-note-blp-1595-w63-ear-rvg_39333124 Something-else-cannonball-adderley-original-blue-note-blp-1595-w63-ear-rvg_39333125
I am helping a friend sell a great vinyl collection from an estate. I am not a professional dealer but I have done my best to accurately describe the items. I am listing 19 original Blue Note albums this week and hope to list about 100 more mid 1950's to 1960's mostly jazz and blues albums so watch my listings. Please be sure to read my detailed description above and look at the pictures and if you have other questions feel free to email me. This is Blue Note BLP 1595 Something Else Cannonball Adderley. The label and the cover have the W63 address. This has a beaded rim. It has a deep groove on both sides and the Plastylite P or ear on both sides. This has the title printed on the spine. Side 1 reads BN LP 1595A 9M and Side 2 reads BN LP 1595B 9M. Both sides have a stamped RVG. I am not doing a buy it now and I will not end the auction early. I will let the bidders decide what this is worth. Shipping is $10 domestic with insurance and $40 registered international. I will accept returns if not as described but please advise as quickly as possible on receipt and buyer pays return shipping. Email with any questions. Thanks Update: In inspecting this under very bright light I can see several very faint scratches so I have downgraded the vinyl grade to excellent.
May 09, 2018 - 08:43:43 PM GMT (7 months ago)
Something-else-cannonball-adderley-original-blue-note-blp-1595-w63-ear-rvg_39333129 Something-else-cannonball-adderley-original-blue-note-blp-1595-w63-ear-rvg_39333134 Something-else-cannonball-adderley-original-blue-note-blp-1595-w63-ear-rvg_39333138 Something-else-cannonball-adderley-original-blue-note-blp-1595-w63-ear-rvg_39333147 Something-else-cannonball-adderley-original-blue-note-blp-1595-w63-ear-rvg_39333150 Something-else-cannonball-adderley-original-blue-note-blp-1595-w63-ear-rvg_39333152 Something-else-cannonball-adderley-original-blue-note-blp-1595-w63-ear-rvg_39333154 Something-else-cannonball-adderley-original-blue-note-blp-1595-w63-ear-rvg_39333156 Something-else-cannonball-adderley-original-blue-note-blp-1595-w63-ear-rvg_39333158


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