SPACE LP Cauty , KLF Communications, Ambient, Orb, CHILL OUT, TRIPPY

$30.00 USD
January 12, 2019 - 07:27:06 PM GMT (10 days ago)
Space-lp-cauty-klf-communications-ambient-orb-chill-out-trippy_44539338 Space-lp-cauty-klf-communications-ambient-orb-chill-out-trippy_44539353 Space-lp-cauty-klf-communications-ambient-orb-chill-out-trippy_44539378
Jimmy Cauty's ambient masterpiece LP. After splitting up with Dr. Alex Peterson and The Orb, Cauty took some of the materials they worked on and released this record on the KLF Communications label. Note: this is not the 1990 original pressing. It is the 1999 Dutch unofficial release. Sleeve in EX++ condition. Some minor edge wear and a small crease on bottom (see photo) Record in EX condition. A couple light scratches that do not affect play. Will be carefully packaged. Registered shipping WORLDWIDE in $7.99. I accept PAYPAL
January 05, 2019 - 07:27:06 PM GMT (17 days ago)
Space-lp-cauty-klf-communications-ambient-orb-chill-out-trippy_44539388 Space-lp-cauty-klf-communications-ambient-orb-chill-out-trippy_44539392 Space-lp-cauty-klf-communications-ambient-orb-chill-out-trippy_44539424 Space-lp-cauty-klf-communications-ambient-orb-chill-out-trippy_44539445


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