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February 13, 2018 - 06:48:38 PM GMT (11 months ago)
The-beatles-let-it-be-box-set-super-copy_36895040 The-beatles-let-it-be-box-set-super-copy_36895054 The-beatles-let-it-be-box-set-super-copy_36895073
The Beatles Let It Be, Apple PXS 1, Box Set, stereo, May 8, 1970. Matrix numbers: Side 1: YEX 773-2U; Side 2: YEX 774-2U. Extras (box/trays/book): This is a lovely copy of a very fragile piece. I've tried to grade conservatively; however, I'm gutted to be letting this go as it's been a treasured possession but sadly funds need to be raised. So... to start with, the the outer box is really great to look and in well looked after condition. There are some laminate creases though particularly at the bottom (see pics) but they don't take much away from the overall condition. The back is very shiny and crease free - super! Grades EX- The main outer tray (inside the box) is still in pretty nice nick, which makes a huge difference when the full box set is fully together because it doesn't look all scuffed from the side - still black with only slight creasing and a bit of edge wear. This also grades a EX- Now, sadly the problem is with the inner tray, which has lost the bottom flap and one of the connections at the top is loose. Again other than that the condition is great but you can't get away from the obvious so it has to grade as G. The book is just super! The awesome, shiny cover looks barely touched and the spine is wonderful - not loose at all! On the inside there are some scuffs and the odd marks (see pics) but it's rare to find one as structurally nice as well as clean. This grades a great EX Record/sleeve: The sleeve is still really nice and shiny and has only slight corner wear! It's great to look at and if it wasn't for a little creasing to the back it would grade higher. In the end an easy EX. The vinyl has been very well looked after like the rest of this set and under normal light is shiny and free of marks. Under halogen light there a few very light hairlines/sleeve removals and annoyingly one noticeable longer mark. This isn't deep though and in general it's a super surface but I'm just trying to be honest. This vinyl grades EX Any questions or queries, please message me.
February 06, 2018 - 06:48:38 PM GMT (12 months ago)
The Beatles
LP (12-Inch)
The-beatles-let-it-be-box-set-super-copy_36895090 The-beatles-let-it-be-box-set-super-copy_36895104 The-beatles-let-it-be-box-set-super-copy_36895114 The-beatles-let-it-be-box-set-super-copy_36895128 The-beatles-let-it-be-box-set-super-copy_36895143 The-beatles-let-it-be-box-set-super-copy_36895149 The-beatles-let-it-be-box-set-super-copy_36895155 The-beatles-let-it-be-box-set-super-copy_36895164


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