This software is dedicated to the tracking of completed EBay record auctions for all genres. The software automatically adds results of completed Ebay auctions from specific EBay categories. Only auctions that have received at least one bid will be tracked. I believe that one bid is a reasonable sign that the item may have sold at a certain price. This site was initially created out of a love for roots reggae and dub music.

Automated auction tracking can only take the site so far. Due to constant variance and miscategorization of auctions by sellers, similarity comparisons are hard to generate. Even if EBay tightened up their record auction item attributes (record size, record speed, etc.) there would still be the possibility of the seller's lack of understanding or simple human error. I plan to help alleviate this problem by community driven, manual categorization of auction results.

Many thanks to all the I-Drens who visit the site regularly and special thanks to anyone who wants to help. Praises!

magical chicken Jah Chicken