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June 10, 2021 - 09:01:03 PM GMT (10 days ago)
Hello to all you Beach Boys, Surfer Beat, Mod & Sixties Pop connoisseur's out thereWhat you are looking at here is a beautiful hand made picture sleeve (Only) made for the American sensations The Beach Boys for their 1963 Capital UK released single "Ten Little Indians" CL15285. This stunning piece of art has been made faithfully and true to the Garrod & Lofthouse EP original picture sleeves of the classic Sixties period. This sleeve (protector) has been made in high quality card and has that famous laminated front cover just like the Sixties originals and even the "Flipback" flaps on the rear. As you would all well know in their heyday none of the regular UK released Capital 45s from the Sixties right up to the mid Seventies were ever released with a picture sleeve, only the EP's would get that privilege.Please note that this is not a company item in anyway but an individual handcrafted item made lovingly by a collector for collectors. All sizes are true to the Garrod & Lofthouse Sixties spec so it can be used to house the 45 single no problem.......please note that there is no record included.This Picture Sleeve (protector) is made from only using the best of materials - the fronts are printed on premium glossy photo card of 260gsm, which keeps the colours deep and rich, and is then laminated just like the sixties originals. The rears are once again top quality card which are slightly thicker then the original card used in the sixties.This Picture Sleeve (protector) has the exact settings of the original Capital EP picture sleeves with all the same arranged text and some even with special images that the Sixties copies could have had. With the flipback all around the Capital thinner EMITEX logo and the label logo with the EMI address it's all there, along with the songwriter’s names. Whether you have a company sleeve, you're an avid collector or a classic vinyl DJ out on the road this is a beautiful piece of art that would have people talking noticing and looking. Please Read Description Carefully Please note that this “New Sleeve Only” listed here is made for this auction only and no spares are available……. Capitalsoul is all about the detail and the quality Never the quantity. The “Capitalsoul” logo is just there for internet protection purposes onlyPlease check out our other Handmade “Picture Sleeve Vinyl Protectors”. Please note that I will always combine postage/shippingNo profit is made on postage(A certificate of Proof of postage of uninsured items will be obtained from the Post Office when posting). Thanks for Looking
May 31, 2021 - 09:01:03 PM GMT (20 days ago)
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