78 RPM -- Kokomo Arnold, Decca 7147, E/V+ Blues

$171.50 USD
February 12, 2019 - 03:42:42 AM GMT (6 months ago)
ARTIST: Kokomo Arnold LABEL: Decca 7147 TITLES: Policy Wheel Blues / Traveling Rambler Blues CONDITION: E / V+ DESCRIPTION: Bottleneck guitar virtuoso Kokomo Arnold on a pair of uptempo guitar pieces recorded by Decca in July 1935. Black marker on each label. WAIT FOR SECOND INVOICE - THE ONE NOT AUTOMATICALLY GENERATED BY EBAY IMMEDIATELY AFTER CLOSE OF AUCTION. ANNOUNCEMENT: If you have any higher end pre-war blues, country or jazz you might like to consign, please get in touch and I will let you know the affordable service I can provide. PAYMENT BY PAYPAL ONLY In addition to postage costs, an addition charge for the cost of packing materials (box, corrugated squares, packing peanuts) of $3.50 will be added to each parcel. I HAVE BEEN SELLING 78S FOR OVER 30 YEARS, MOST RECENTLY ON EBAY AS PART OF CLOUD 9 RECORDS. THE SAME HIGH GRADING STANDARDS WILL BE USED WITH THE HIGHEST GRADE BEING E+. RECORDS WILL BE SHIPPED IN NEW BOXES AND PACKED WELL BETWEEN CARDBOARD SQUARES. IF YOU ARE NOT SATISFIED, RECORDS CAN BE RETURNED FOR A REFUND. ADD BOMBASTIUM TO YOUR SAVED EBAY SEARCHES AS I WILL BE DOING REGULAR LISTINGS THRU THIS ACCOUNT FOR MANY MONTHS TO COME.
February 05, 2019 - 03:42:42 AM GMT (7 months ago)
78 RPM


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