78rpm E. BERLINER's GRAMOPHONE Waltz, 'The Nutcracker', Tchaikovsky 1899

$1,200.00 USD
January 11, 2019 - 11:21:27 PM GMT (10 days ago)
78rpm-e-berliner-s-gramophone-waltz-the-nutcracker-tchaikovsky-1899_44526827 78rpm-e-berliner-s-gramophone-waltz-the-nutcracker-tchaikovsky-1899_44526829 78rpm-e-berliner-s-gramophone-waltz-the-nutcracker-tchaikovsky-1899_44526834
Record of 1899, in Good condition. Date of edition - 1899MOST EARLY, FROM ALL KNOWN TOOL RECORDS, COMPOSER PETER TCHAIKOVSKY !!!EXCLUSIVELY RARE PLATE !!! Attention!!! The price of international delivery depends on the destination and the weight of the parcel.Sending 1 gramophone record (weight not more than 0.5 kg) from $ 20 to $ 40The cost of sending 2 records (weight not more than 1 kg) from $ 25 to $ 48etc..Learn about the tariff zones here: http://emspost.ru/ru/tarifi_sroki/mejdunarodnie/mejdunarod_zoni/.You can see the table of prices for weight categories and tariff zones here: http://emspost.ru/ru/tarifi_sroki/mejdunarodnie/rates/The approximate cost can be calculated here: http://emspost.ru/ru/calc/. Before paying for the order, please contact the seller
January 04, 2019 - 11:21:27 PM GMT (17 days ago)
78rpm-e-berliner-s-gramophone-waltz-the-nutcracker-tchaikovsky-1899_44526835 78rpm-e-berliner-s-gramophone-waltz-the-nutcracker-tchaikovsky-1899_44526838 78rpm-e-berliner-s-gramophone-waltz-the-nutcracker-tchaikovsky-1899_44526872


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