80's 10 Vinyl Record Lot, The Cars, Men at Work, Wham, The Knack, Go-Go's +

$22.72 USD
March 14, 2018 - 03:54:07 AM GMT (9 months ago)
80-s-10-vinyl-record-lot-the-cars-men-at-work-wham-the-knack-go-go-s_37679690 80-s-10-vinyl-record-lot-the-cars-men-at-work-wham-the-knack-go-go-s_37679692 80-s-10-vinyl-record-lot-the-cars-men-at-work-wham-the-knack-go-go-s_37679695
From my friend's musician's friends estate a really nice lot of late 70's and early 80's vinyl new wave and rock and roll album's that need to be listened to by conesours of good music. All the albums are in great shape and appear to maybe being played once or twice but honestly most look like they were never played. The covers are all in decent condition (Missing Persons Spring Session Cover has some tearing as does Mr.Mister W.E.A.R THE FACE covers) all have the original dust sleeves and some of the art work on these great condition dust sleeves in my opinion are worthy of framing. I did not check to see which are original pressings however most I would bet are; I am not a professional record seller and all are sold as is, thank you for considering and viewing.
March 07, 2018 - 03:54:07 AM GMT (9 months ago)
80-s-10-vinyl-record-lot-the-cars-men-at-work-wham-the-knack-go-go-s_37679699 80-s-10-vinyl-record-lot-the-cars-men-at-work-wham-the-knack-go-go-s_37679702 80-s-10-vinyl-record-lot-the-cars-men-at-work-wham-the-knack-go-go-s_37679706 80-s-10-vinyl-record-lot-the-cars-men-at-work-wham-the-knack-go-go-s_37679709 80-s-10-vinyl-record-lot-the-cars-men-at-work-wham-the-knack-go-go-s_37679710 80-s-10-vinyl-record-lot-the-cars-men-at-work-wham-the-knack-go-go-s_37679713 80-s-10-vinyl-record-lot-the-cars-men-at-work-wham-the-knack-go-go-s_37679716 80-s-10-vinyl-record-lot-the-cars-men-at-work-wham-the-knack-go-go-s_37679720 80-s-10-vinyl-record-lot-the-cars-men-at-work-wham-the-knack-go-go-s_37679721


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