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November 21, 2020 - 08:59:56 PM GMT (3 days ago)
This auction is for the super rare funk/soul '45 by AL. (ALPHONSO) GLOVER & GLORIA -- TILL THE END OF TIME / JUST JIVING AROUND. The B-side is credited to the backing band, Leroy & The Fabulous Rocking Soul Band. If you are unfamiliar with these cuts, youtube has both up right now for your listening pleasure. The '45 is pressed on the Mr. G Gregory Records label out of Norfolk, Virginia, with the catalogue numbers #5548 -- AAB-1159 / AAB-1160. This comes in a plain white sleeve. Both A & B side labels look fantastic with no markings. The color from my camera is a little off (depending on what kind of light the pictures are being taken under), but the color of the labels is a light powder blue color. The vinyl is in EXCELLENT condition. Truth-be-told, I would border this grade on "near mint". First of all, I believe that this '45 was never played (based on other records I recently found that were surrounding this one...see some of my other auctions this week). Whatever you may hear on the A-side "Till The End Of Time" is because of the cheap independent record label pressing quality. At the very beginning...even before the drums kick this medium-tempo sweet soul stirrer can hear some "static" on one section during every rotation for about ten seconds or so. It's not overtly loud, and it gets less and less noticeable every turn until it pretty much ceases right before the "ooh-hoo" vocal comes in. The B-side "Just Jiving Around" is an uptempo jam (with some talking at the beginning) done by the backing band, Leroy & The Fabulous Rocking Soul Band. Some great horns on this cut! Wish there was a much longer version of this one... If you like this, I also have another Gregory Records artist up for auction right now named Jato Von Del, and he uses the same backing band. OF NOTE SPECIFIC TO THIS AUCTION!!! I usually start and end my auctions on Sundays, because it gives me time to pack items and ship them out within a couple of days. This auction is beginning and ending on a Saturday, because I want to get the item shipped out before the Thanksgiving holiday here in the States. The auction will end Saturday night or so. PAYMENT MUST BE MADE BY MIDNIGHT, END OF THE DAY, MONDAY, 11-16-20. If it is made after that time, you will have to wait another entire week until I am able to ship the item out. I believe forty-eight hours is WAY more than enough time to pay (though I've noticed a lot of ebayers tend to ddddrrrraaagggg it out over a week). If this is going to bother you, please do not bid on this item. If you have any questions about this item, please feel free to email me. Also, please check out my other auctions going on NOW (including some other rare '45s, and the Gregory Records companion single by Jato Von Del) of various other items of interest. Thanks again for looking...during these most very...very...very...troubled times... Shipping rates for 7" records Media Mail $ 4.00 1st record. 50 cents per additional. US Priority Mail $ 8.00 up to 6 singles, $ 1.00 each additional. Canada $ 10.00 1st single, $ 1.00 each additional Worldwide (First Class International) $ 14.00 1st single ***, $ 2.00 each additional (up to six total). NOTE: ***SHIPPING UPGRADES ARE REQUIRED ON ALL INTERNATIONAL PACKAGES OVER $ 100 US. (Such as Priority with Tracking, Registered, etc. Rates and services vary by country). Please contact me in advance if you want more specifics. Pay Pal only outside the U. S. please! Record Grading MINT (10) UNLESS SEALED (which would be unusual), ALL SINGLES ARE HANDLED IN SOME WAY, SO GRADING BEGINS AT NEAR MINT NEAR MINT (9.5) ---- Close, but one or two tiny flaws that do not impact play. Vinyl may have a barely visible scuff mark, but no scratches. Label is bright, clean and unmarked. Sleeves close to perfect with very minor signs of wear or age just becoming evident. EXCELLENT (9) ----Disc plays near-perfect. There could be scuffs or a hairline scratch or two that does not impact play. Vinyl is bright and shiny. Label is clean and unmarked. Sleeve may have some slight creases or minor ringwear. VERY GOOD PLUS PLUS (8) ---- Record handled and played occasionally, but very carefully. Very minor scratches and/or scuffs, but should have little impact on the sound quality. Labels may have some minor imperfections, but otherwise clean. VERY GOOD PLUS PLUS records should only have minor surface noise at the beginning or end of play, or during quiet passages. Sleeves are clean, but could have one or two minor wear issues such as writing on sleeve, creases, some ringwear, minor staining, etc. (All noted). VERY GOOD PLUS (7) ---- The record has been cared for, but some minor flaws. Light scratches and/or marks/scuffs that won't make a big impact. Light surface noise here and there, but nothing to overwhelm the listening experience. Sleeves may have a few minor defects (duly noted). Those who are looking for pristine-only might not be pleased, but most music fans would be happy to have a collectible record in this condition. VERY GOOD (6)---- The record has been enjoyed and played often with some care, but also a little neglect. Record displays visible surface wear---scratches or scuffs that will cause some minor to perhaps occasionally moderate surface noise. Vinyl could be "dull" at this point and not "shiny', or still perhaps shiny, but then a little more scratches. Usually a sleeve is VG when one or two of these problems are evident: ring wear, splits, creases, loss of gloss, stains, etc. Most music fans would be happy to have a highly collectible single in this condition. VERY GOOD MINUS (5) ---- Well-played with little luster and occasionally distracting surface noise, but skip-free. Lots of scratches/scuffs or fewer but more deep marks. Several sleeve flaws will be apparent, but should not obliterate the artwork---seam splits, significant ring wear, tears, cuts, taping (all noted). I will only sell RARE VERY GOOD MINUS records. GOOD (4) --- Pretty banged-up with lots of scratches, but not dead yet. I will listen to any record in this condition to guarantee no skips. Surface noise is moderate to heavy. Sleeve splits are usually a big problem here with the records better off in a plastic sleeve. I only sell VERY RARE GOOD records. They are certainly "good enough" until another copy comes along. GOOD MINUS (3) --- Even more beat with tons of scratches and LOTS of surface noise. Skips are possible, though I wouldn't intentionally sell a record that does. Fans of a particular artist or style could probably enjoy a GOOD MINUS record, but might also be irritated by it at times. I will only sell VERY VERY RARE GOOD MINUS records. Sleeves are hanging together by a thread (seams shot) but not intentionally defaced. FAIR (2) ----FAIR records appear and sound lousy (significant surface noise, horrific scratches). I won't sell these, unless I find something that is SO INCREDIBLY RARE. Expect skipping or a very unpleasant listen. Sleeves may be defaced, seamless, stained beyond belief. POOR (1) --- Unlistenable and undisplayable.\ 11-14-20
November 14, 2020 - 08:59:56 PM GMT (10 days ago)
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