Amazing Beatles Butcher Cover Mono Professional Peel 3rd State RARE DETAILS

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Absolute Top Shelf Offering - A Real Gem! ONE OF THE BETTER BUTCHERS YOU COULD EVER HOPE FOR! Guaranteed Authentic 1966 Beatles Butcher Cover Offered here has to be one of the more outstanding Beatles Butcher Covers offered anywhere at any time. There are a few details on this butcher that make this one unique. One of the main points to be noted is a VERY RARE AND HIGHLY UNUSUAL delight that appeared after peeling. You can tell what time of the day (London time) this image was taken by the time on Paul's watch! YES! You can faintly see the time hands on his watch! You will not see this on 99% PLUS of all 3rd- State Beatles' Butcher Covers. If purchased, someone will have an extremely great rarity to show off to fellow collectors and friends. THIS IS A BEAUTY OF A COLLECTOR'S PIECE, AND IS ACCOMPANIED BY A UNIQUE - TO - YOUR - BUTCHER CODED CERTIFICATE OF AUTHENTICITY SIGNED BY OUR BUTCHER ARTIST JIM HANSEN! GUARANTEED ALL 100% ORIGINAL 1966 BEATLES YESTERDAY AND TODAY 3RD STATE MONO BUTCHER COVER LP! ONE OF THE ALL-TIME MOST SOUGHT AFTER AND COLLECTIBLE RECORDS ON THE PLANET!! Why Buy From Us? WE SPECIALIZE IN QUALITY BEATLES BUTCHER COVERS WITH MANY SATISFIED BUYERS! I urge you to check out my past feedback comments and ratings - that is the bar to judge the source of such an important investment. I could list some of them here, but please visit the feedback for us by past customers, and see what folks have to say! Quality is the key, and that is what we offer! We are also proud to also say one of our Beatles Butcher Covers has been placed on display in Liverpool, England - YES! THE HOMETOWN OF THE BEATLES! - at the world renown BEATLES STORY MUSEUM. THERE ARE NO RESERVES ON OUR ITEMS, JUST A STARTING PRICE. HENCE, THE RESERVE IS THE STARTING PRICE AUCTION SPECIFICS AND CONDITION: THE COVER: ULTRA RARE AND TRULY STUNNING Los Angeles #6 Mono Butcher Cover re-pasted at the Jacksonville. Illinois, pressing plant. VERY RARE for several reasons - The background on these rare re-pasted butchers done at Jacksonville, Illinois. A history lesson even if you are not interested in buying! 1. There were Beatles Butcher covers produced as first-states at the Jacksonville, IL plant, but just a handful of first-states have survived. I believe I read somewhere there are about a dozen #4 monos, and maybe three or four #4 stereos that have been found. They would have a #4 near the RIAA number on the rear of the cover. THERE ARE NO KNOWN JACKSONVILLE STEREO OR MONO BUTCHER COVERS THAT HAVE HAD A TRUNK COVER PASTED OVER THE BUTCHER SLICK! They could exist, but ironically, would have been re-pasted in LA! Another story all together that can be found in Bruce Spizer's "Bealtes Story On Capitol Records." To this day, I know of no true second state Jacksonville butchers that have ever turned up! Just the LA #6's sent to the Jacksonville plant as you will read in my second point. 2. However, several hundred recalled Los Angeles butchers were sent to the Jacksonville, Illinois plant for re-pasting with the common trunk cover for re-release in the Midwest music market. We don't know exactly how many, but not a lot for sure. And, very few Jacksonville paste-overs are turning up today. When they do, the method and glue they used to re-paste these butchers is extremely difficult to peel without damaging the original slick underneath. Ask any of the pros - most won't even touch one of these! Even some of the best (if all factors that go into the task are just right) are charging over $600 just to peel a Jacksonville. We do have some secrets here. So if you want one of these, we sell them at what I believe is an affordable price. At the very least, most peeled Jacksonville re-pasted covers look flat, yellowed, and covered with glue. That is one reason why you might see some on Ebay that are just mutilated and "butchered"! They probably didn't realize they tangled with a Jacksonville! I stress in point #3.... 3. This particular cover was apparently re-pasted after the glue had all but dried on the trunk cover slick. Therefore, it barely adhered to the butcher slick underneath. Jacksonville re-pastings like this can sometimes be peeled and have no glue lines like you would see on a Scranton. You also almost always see circle impressions on a Los Angeles re-pasting. Those types of markings were made by the machinery used to re-paste a trunk cover over the butcher image. NONE OF THE ABOVE ON THIS ONE ! As a result, this butcher has an incredibly beautiful near-first-state looking butcher slick underneath! The color and pure sweetness of this slick cannot be completely conveyed through pictures. It turned out really great. It has a First-State ambiance, or look to it. A trained eye can tell it's a peel. There are just the lightest of wear points - mostly in the upper left of the image (see Pics) - that suggest this is a second state. These are insignificant overall and do not distract at all from the overall beauty of the image. You will be amazed when you open the package and see this butcher. This one is probably as close to a first-state butcher you will ever get without paying the big bucks ($4,000 PLUS)! In fact, it is nicer than many first-states I have seen! Truly a beautiful piece! Once again, YOUR SATISFACTION IS GUARANTEED! AND MAYBE THE MOST DELIGHTFUL RARITY OF THIS BUTCHER! 4. NEVER DO YOU SEE THIS! I have had only 4 or 5 3rd-state butchers in over 20 years where YOU CAN SEE THE TIME ON PAUL'S WATCH! It looks to be approximately 2:55. (Hint: You have to turn the butcher cover upside down to get the correct time.) AND! You can see the fact that their eyes are bloodshot too! Hmmm?? This is truly amazing and rare! Don't believe me? Try to find it on your butcher if you have one, or on another. You can look for years and will probably NEVER see one where the watch hands faintly show! I tell you the truth - grab this one while you can. Bottom Line: Beautiful Butcher Cover Slick! The seams are in solid physical shape - a very nice white without any splits! There is just the lightest of balding wear on the corner tips at the mouth, and a small crack in the very lower left corner tip due to dryness. Very small and nothing that takes away from the integrity of the seam. Very solid cover on the seams! The printing on the back is all there, bold and black, and contrasts very nicely with the white of the surrounding cover. There is some very light aging one can see. The clean back of this cover is not found on many butchers. Most are yellowed, stained, or have writing. NOT THIS ONE! There is a small scuff on the middle-right portion of the back of the jacket. Inconsequential and very discreet. (Won't show up in pics) A truly amazing butcher! Think of Butcher Covers This Way: Every butcher BEING OFFERED ON EBAY OR ANYWHERE ELSE is like a diamond - rarely are two ever close to being alike in all the investment features they offer. RARELY have we ever had a perfect butcher (Maybe 3 or 4 from the shrinkwrap in 20 years). Each cover has its strengths and weaknesses. I strive to keep the latter at a minimum. I can tell you butchers of this quality are hard to come by! This is an outstanding offering. The peel on this butcher was done by the master himself - Jim Hansen at Blue Jay Way Galleries - who is recognized as one of the world's leading butcher artists. Jim is our exclusive butcher artist, and all of our butchers are done in beautiful detail by him! You will not find a better peeled butcher anywhere! He has been peeling butchers since 1971, and has made butcher restoration a true form of art! AN ADDED BONUS TO BE SURE! THE \RECORD: THE RECORD WITH THIS BUTCHER IS GORGEOUS TOO! THE LP IS A FULL GLOSS VG+ TO VG++ ON THE VINYL (a lot of folks NM-) WITH TRUE NM RAINBOW LABELS. THERE ARE SOME MINOR NICKS AND SCUFFS IN THE VINYL - BUT IT IS GORGEOUS AND GLOSSY OVERALL. THE LP IS NOT NM, BUT IS WAY ABOVE AVERAGE FOR THIS TITLE! THESE ARE ABOUT AS DIFFICULT TO FIND NM AS A BUTCHER COVER ITSELF. THIS LP HAS BEEN CLEANED ON A VPI RECORD CLEANER . ALSO INCLUDED IS AN ORIGINAL ORANGE CAPITOL 66 INNER SLEEVE MAKING THIS A COMPLETE 1966 CAPITOL RECORDS YESTERDAY AND TODAY BUTCHER PACKAGE. THE WINNER WILL BE RECEIVING THE FOLLOWING: 1. THE ORIGINAL, RARE, 3RD STATE #6 LOS ANGELES MONO BUTCHER COVER, CODED CERTIFICATE OF AUTHENTICITY, AND ORANGE CAPITOL 66 INNER SLEEVE. AND MORE! THE BEAUTIFUL EXTRAS LISTED BELOW ARE ALSO MY COMPLIMENTS IN APPRECIATION OF ANY PURCHASE OF A BUTCHER! I LOVE THE BEATLES! 2. THE FAMOUS JULY 9, 1966 KYA MAGAZINE COVER ***AND*** FULL LENGTH ARTICLE DESCRIBING CAPITOL RECORDS PULLING THE BUTCHER FROM PUBLIC SALE, 3. A COPY OF THE FAMOUS CAPITOL RECORDS BUTCHER RECALL LETTER TO RETAILERS. 4. A TOP QUALITY REPRODUCTION OF AN EXTREMELY RARE CASHBOX MAGAZINE TRADE AD FROM 1966 THAT ADVERTISES THE NEW YESTERDAY AND TODAY LP! THIS IS A COPY OF MY ORIGINAL AND IS VERY PRICEY TO PURCHASE AN ORIGINAL! 5. AND A BEAUTIFUL PHOTO-COPIED SET OF MY BEATLES AUTOGRAPHS. THESE AUTOGRAPHS WOULD LOOK FABULOUS FRAMED WITH YOUR BUTCHER COVER. 6. A BEAUTIFUL AND VERY COLORFUL HIGH GLOSS REPRODUCTION OF THE FAMOUS GOLDMINE MAGAZINE COVER OF THE 100 MOST SOUGHT AFTER COLLECTABLE RECORDS - WITH OF COURSE - THE BUTCHER COVER ON THE FRONT! 7. AND FINALLY! YOU WILL ALSO GET A BEAUTIFUL REPRODUCTION COPY OF A CASHBOX MAGAZINE'S TOP 100 LPS DATED FROM AUGUST OF 1966 WITH "YESTERDAY AND TODAY" AS THE #1 RECORD ALBUM IN AMERICA! P.S.! DON'T FORGET THE HANDSIGNED COA THAT IS UNIQUE TO YOUR NEW BUTCHER! ***** THE EXTRAS - AND THESE ARE STUNNING!!!! ***** IMPORTANT: THE "EXTRA ITEMS" IN ADDITION TO THE ORIGINAL BUTCHER ALBUM ARE BEING INCLUDED FREE AS MY COMPLIMENTS FOR PURCHASING A BUTCHER COVER. THEY HAVE NO VALUE, AND SHOULD NOT BE INCLUDED IN YOUR BID FOR THIS AUCTION. THEY ARE A FREE GIFT FROM ME TO YOU. I DO NOT SELL THESE SEPARATELY, AND CAN ONLY BE OBTAINED BY PURCHASING A BUTCHER FROM ME. THESE EXTRAS ARE ALL REPRODUCTIONS, AND MOST, BUT NOT ALL, WERE MADE BY A LOCAL GRAPHICS COMPANY ON HEAVY TOP QUALITY PAPER! THESE ARE BEAUTIFUL. AGAIN, THESE ARE ALL REPRODUCTIONS AND HAVE NO MONETARY VALUE AS SUCH. THE BEATLES AUTOGRAPHS ARE REPRODUCTIONS OF AN AUTHENTIC SET AND ARE JUST BEAUTIFUL. THAT SET WAS VALUED IN THE THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS! THERE IS ENOUGH HERE TO START A CORNER DISPLAY IN YOUR OWN HARD ROCK CAFE' OR OFFICE! THESE ARE MY COMPLIMENTS FOR YOUR PURCHASING A BUTCHER. PAYMENT AND SHIPPING: SHIPPING IS CALCULATED BY YOUR LOCATION AND CAN BE VIEWED BY CLICKING ON "SEE DETAILS" NEXT TO SHIPPING AT THE TOP OF THE AUCTION PAGE. PAYMENT IS DUE WITHIN 3 DAYS OF THE AUCTION'S END. EMAIL ME WITH ANY QUESTIONS. OVERSEAS SHIPPING IS EBAY GLOBAL SHIPPING - SO ANY QUESTIONS - CONTACT ME ABOUT THAT BEFORE BIDDING. (International Shipping Will Be Ebay's Global Shipping. International Customers Are Responsible For All Import Duties) EMAIL ME WITH ANY QUESTIONS. CHECK OUT THE PICTURES. IMPORTANT NOTICE TO ALL PAYPAL CUSTOMERS. I WILL SHIP TO CONFIRMED ADDRESSES ONLY! THAT IS CENTRAL TO PAYPAL'S POLICY TO PROTECT BUYER AND SELLER AND MUST BE ADHERED TO SO EVERYONE IS COVER BY THEIR GUARANTEES. SEE MY OTHER AUCTIONS FOR GREAT STUFF LIKE THE ITEM YOU ARE LOOKING AT! ALL QUALITY STUFF! THANKS FOR LOOKING! ONEMANBAND
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