ANDROMEDA STRAIN Gil Melle hexagonal US 1971 OG KAPP Psych Soundtrack Electronic

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******************************************************************************GIL MELLE: “Andromeda Strain OST” LABEL: KAPP RECORDS Label Number: KRS-5513 - Rare original 1st US pressing from 1971!!! - Comes pressed as HEXAGONAL LP- COMES complete and housed in silver foil cover that opens like petals of flowerComes complete with plastic hexagonal inner sleeve with “Warning” sticker- Rarely surfaces in such a nice condition as this one here- TOP CONDITION….. GRADING:Hexagonal LP Record: Excellent ~ Near Mint. Top condition, just perfect. Shiny and glossy surface without any signs of much play or use. Gimmick Silver Foil Jacket: Excellent – beautiful preserved without any damages. Some words on this issue: GIL MELLE: “Andromeda Strain OST” (Kapp – KRS-5513) Rare original US pressing. “Gil Melle, one of the most important composers today, has achieved an impressive landmark in creating the first all-electronic score for a major motion picture, the Andromeda strain. The work embodies the most revolutionary techniques in the annals of avant-garde music as well as film literature. Melle's central idea was to compose directly to the film and for this, he designed a special electronic music studio on the universal lot. it housed a complete rear-image projection facility as well as a number of one-of-a-kind electronic musical instruments. The most important of these is the percussotron iii, which the composer designed especially for Andromeda. it is important to note that an instrument has never been created specifically for a film score in the history of the medium. It is indeed percussionistic as its name implies, and is heard throughout the various tracks. musique concrete also plays an important role here. Many field trips were made by the artist in order to record the natural sounds of 20th century life. Liberally woven into the fabric of this music are the indigenous sounds of the jet propulsion labs in southern California, buzz saws, wind, bowling alleys and even the railways. Orchestral instruments are also included and many important soloists are represented. All of these elements were eventually electronically transformed to suit the needs of the Andromeda strain score. As futuristic as all of these sounds, it nevertheless owes its direct ancestry to the very first form of film music, the nickelodeon. The compositional method is essentially one of creatively shooting from the hip and in turn gaining a vast amount of artistic flexibility as well as a very personal. Representation of the composer's musical thinking”. (From Mimaroglu website). Melle's pieces ranks as cinema's first true electronic musical score. Using a battery of electronic instruments combined with reprocessed musique concrete sounds, Melle crafted a bizarre and compelling score that laced the picture with an unrelenting undercurrent of aimless, microscopic evil. The score's single repetitive theme is a rhythmically seething, cricket-like undulation for low-octave electronics and piano, associated with the mutating bacterial entity. Stunning piece of electronic music/ musique concrete and hard to track down these days. SHIPPING IS FROM JAPAN AND IS NOT 4$ - CHECK SHIPPING RATES HERE BELOW!!! New to the e-bay game but long experience in selling records so bid with confidence. Our grading scale: Mint/ Near Mint/ Excellent/ VG++/. We don’t sell anything below VG++. VG++ grade is basically that the record has some scuffs and has wear. Excellent: record has hardly no visible defects and is preserved with care and attention, the condition most collectors take pride in to file away. Near Mint: a dash below mint, just perfect. Mint: like new. Auction must be paid for within 3 days of its ending, no exceptions. Please await our invoice before paying!! Also please ignore the ebay’s shipping calculator since it gives you an incorrect shipping cost/total. Bid with confidence, items are graded accurately. Payment preferable PayPal, otherwise please inquire before sending money. Japanese bidders can send their payment either via PayPal in US$ or through Bank Transfer in YEN. Everything must be shipped by Registered Airmail or EMS Mail. No exceptions. SHIPPING COSTS= Registered Airmail to USA/Canada/Mexico/Oceania = $22 for 1 LP, $25 for 2 LP's, and $30 for 3 LP's.= Registered Airmail to UK/Europe/Russia = $23 for 1 LP, $26 for 2 LP's, and $31 for 3 LP's.= Registered Airmail to South America = $30 for 1 LP, $33 for 2 LP's, and $39 for 3 LP's.= For Asian countries = Because the charge of the Registered Airmail is the same as EMS, we automatically send out your package by EMS. See the EMS rate below. In case of purchase more than $200, item(s) must be shipped by EMS(Express Mail with internet tracking, and the insurance).= EMS Shipping to USA/Canada/Mexico/Oceania = $25 for 1 LP, $29 for 2 LP's, and $33 for 3 LP's.= EMS Shipping to UK/Europe/Russia = $28 for 1 LP, $32 for 2 LP's, and $36 for 3 LP's.= EMS Shipping to South America = $37 for 1 LP, $42 for 2 LP's, and $48 for 3 LP's.= EMS Shipping to Asian countries = $20 for 1 LP, $23 for 2 LP's, and $26 for 3 LP's. Registered Airmail Shipping rates for EP’s:USA & EUROPE & AUSTRALIA: $13 for one EP; 15 for 2 EP’s and 18$ for 3 EP’sRegistered Airmail Shipping rates for CD’s:USA & EUROPE & AUSTRALIA: $10 for one CD and 12$ for 2 CD’sALL PARCELS OVER 2 KG WEIGHT MUST BE SHIPPED WITH EMS!!!***********************************************************************************************************************************************************
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