ANDY WARHOL ART|The Nation’s Nightmare|RARE Drug Exposé LP|Cleaned and Tested VG

$630.00 USD
June 29, 2018 - 01:12:02 AM GMT (almost 5 years ago)
This is an original 1952 copy of Peabody award-winning radio show “The Nation’s Nightmare,” with cover art by Andy Warhol. This is a two part documentary on drug-related crimes in America, and it’s Warhol’s first album artwork of his career. This album is extremely rare and hard to come by, and it is an important landmark in Warhol’s career. The sleeve and artwork are in great condition. There is very light fraying along the edges and two of the corners are slightly bent, and there is a small white mark on the top, but overall, the sleeve is in fantastic condition. It is not tattered in any way, and it is still very strongly held together. The record itself has been professionally cleaned and play tested. It is fairly scratched, but this does not majorly affect play. There are no skips, but there is a fair amount of surface noise and a few clicks and pops. The A side is fairly noisy while the B side sounds much better, and both play through without issues.
June 22, 2018 - 01:12:02 AM GMT (almost 5 years ago)


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