BADGE - Mama / Gonna Move Out in the Country PRIVATE PRESS 45, good rocker NM

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May 15, 2013 - 05:58:26 PM GMT (over 9 years ago)
Please check out my other newly listed newly listed rare and obscure 45's - most are promotional copies BADGE "Mama" b/w "Gonna Move Out In the Country" No Label (#SRC - 1860) RECORD GRADE: Near Mint SLEEVE GRADE: N.A. LABELS: White and Red GORGEOUS COPY, GREAT ROCK EARLY TO MID-70'S ROCK BAND FROM SOMEWHERE IN THE MID-SOUTH. CAN TELL BY THE SOUND. MAMA IS A HARD-ROCKER WITH A SOUTHERN ROCK INFLUENCE. ALL OF THE PRIVATE AND VANITY PRESSINGS IN THIS FORMER DJ'S COLLECTION CAME EITHER FROM NORTH CAROLINA, SOUTH CAROLINA OR VIRGINIA. I CANNOT FIND OUT ANYTHING ABOUT THIS RECORD. GREAT LOOKING LABEL BUT THE BAND USES ITS NAME FOR THE LABEL. I HAVEN'T SEEN ANOTHER COPY AND I DON'T KNOW ANYONE IN THE RALEIGH AREA OF NC THAT DOES EITHER. MADE IN THE USA Released in 197? U.S. CUSTOMERS We use the eBay calculated shipping system. Please click on the tab for details. We ship within 5 business days. For shipments within the U.S., delivery confirmations with tracking information is included. We use professional record mailers and one or more fillers. Shipping discounts are available on multiple purchases shipped in the same mailer - this applies to both U.S. and International shipments. When calculating postage, double albums count as two; box sets will probably cost more to ship than double albums. International customers All records are shipped via Airmail.Discount is available on multiple purchases shipped in the same carton. Please tell us what country you live in and the number of LP's you want. Final cost is based on the weight of the package. In most cases, 3 45's will ship for the same postage as 1 45. After 3 45's, postage only increases in small increments. Win more auctions and save on postage per 45. A NOTE ABOUT SHIPPING.. Ebay has recently enacted new terms which are designed to encourage sellers to offer free domestic shipping on their listings. I'm sure they have their reasons for doing this. Since nothing is truly "free", especially the cost of shipping, ebay is recommending it's sellers roll the shipping cost into the price of the product. I've never been a huge fan of this tactic so I won't be doing it. I also have a solid amount of overseas customers who would not be receiving this "free" shipping and therefor would be getting the short end of it if I raised my prices to compensate for the possibility that a domestic client might buy the item. Why do I mention this? As more sellers conform to ebay's urgings those of us that do not will start to look like we are overcharging for shipping. Even a modest shipping charge, when compared to "free", will seem exorbitant. This will likely start to affect our Detailed Seller Ratings for shipping and handling charges. Low DSR scores can have a serious impact on sellers. Ebay offers discounts for the best DSR ratings and a few low scores can litterally cost a considerable sum of money in discounts lost. So if you are buying from me please consider, I do not make money on my shipping costs, there is no handling fee. I try and keep the shipping fees as close to the cost of actual postage plus the cost of packing materials - LP mailers cost nearly $1 apiece - and often end up losing a few cents in the transaction. My reputation, feedback and DSR scores are very important to me and my business. Thank you, Becky
May 08, 2013 - 05:58:26 PM GMT (over 9 years ago)
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  1. TSRC is Tri-State Recording Studio, Kingsport, TN. TSRC-1860 would have been recorded in 1977.