Beastie Boys Country Mikes Greatest Hits 12 US [CM-001] TEST PRESSING ONLY COPY!

$610.00 USD
August 01, 2020 - 08:42:07 PM GMT (7 days ago)
What happens when a NYHC band becomes the highest selling rap group in history, innovates and recreates themselves for two decades, curates an anthology, and want's to keep pushing the envelope in a way that captures the spirit of their evolution? They record a country album and make it commercially unavailable, send it to friends and family for free, create a mythology around it, and let it out into the world. What happens when fans and record collectors spend years to explore the mythology, track down the commercially unavailable LP, luck into (or pay huge amounts) to get copies available on the secondary market, and attempt as a community to further explore the origins of the release? They surface items like this one. The item for auction is test pressing for Country Mike's Greatest Hits 12" : US [CM-001] (Promo Test Pressing) as listed on Beastiemania. I do not know how many copies exist definitively, but my best guess would be 5. This is, as best as I can determine, 1 of 3 copies that have been circulated among collectors. As a rule I tend to under grade my items to ensure that people are happy with their purchase. I have over 2,000 Beastie Boys releases available for purchase that I intend to list. Please check back often. All Beastie Boys Titles I list are from my personal collection. They can be researched on Beastiemania. If you have any questions about the particular version listed, or specifics concerning the condition of the item please ask. I have been collecting Beastie Boys since 1985 and have been managing the discography at Beastiemania for over 10 years. I allow combined shipping for 7 days. Items purchased using the BUY IT NOW option per eBay require immediate payment per eBay rules. If you wish to secure the purchase of the item for sale you must complete the PayPal transaction. This is not a seller option, it is required by eBay. To take advantage of combined shipping please add all items you wish to purchase to your cart and Request An Invoice. Shipping cannot be adjusted after payment has been submitted. Bigfatlove
July 25, 2020 - 08:42:07 PM GMT (14 days ago)


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