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BID WITH TOTAL CONFIDENCE . YOUR SATISFACTION IS GUARANTEED: COMPLETE MONEY BACK GUARANTEE IF NOT TOTALLY SATISFIED SERVICE YOU CAN TRUST, QUALITY ASSURED. I HAVE A 100% POSITIVE FEEDBACK RATING AND A 100% TRACK RECORD OF OFFERING PERFECT PRODUCTS, SERVICE, COMMUNICATION AND DELIVERY – GUARANTEED!! THE BEATLESPLEASE PLEASE MEORIGINAL UK STEREO PRESS PCS 3042YEX 94 - 1 . YEX 95 - 1MOTHERS 1 G & 1 RThis is without doubt one of the rarest most sought after records in the world. With only a tiny amount being originally pressed and very few left in existence it is no surprise that collectors and Beatles fans all over the world want this record in their collection more than any other. This is truly the Holy Grail of Vinyl collecting . Great Playing Record! Great Cover. Original UK PRESS GOLD STEREO Parlophone Labels. This is a stunning example of this Ultimate Rarity. CAT NO:.... Stereo - PCS 3042 LABEL PRESS DETAILS: This is an original 1st Ever Stereo 1963 issue of the Holy Grail of record collecting. GOLD labels, in great condition, with "The Parlophone Co. Ltd." printed on the rim print and Z T Tax credits. No "Recording first published 1963" statement and Credited: Dick James Music Co. With No "Sold in the U.K." statement, and gold tint cover. These points confirm it is an original 1963 pressing of the rarest of Beatles records. Also with the 33 1/3 text next to the Catalogue number. 1st GOLD STEREO 1 1 Matrix version, MADE IN GT BRITAIN. MATRIX NOs. ON RUN-OUT GROOVE : 1st Ever! Side 1: YEX 94 - 1 Side 2: YEX 95 - 1 MOTHER STAMPERS: 1st Ever!Side 1. '' 1 G '' Side 2. '' 1 R '' TRACK LISTING… Side 1; I SAW HER STANDING THERE, MISERY, ANNA, CHAINS, BOYS, ASK ME WHY, PLEASE PLEASE ME. Side 2; LOVE ME DO, PS I LOVE YOU, BABY IT'S YOU, DO YOU WANT TO KNOW A SECRET, A TASTE OF HONEY, THERE'S A PLACE, TWIST AND SHOUT. An exceptional pressing in very clean condition that plays superbly from start to finish. Please Please Me is the debut album by The Beatles. Parlophone rush-released the album on 22 March 1963 in the United Kingdom to capitalise on the success of singles "Please Please Me", which went to number one on most lists. Of the album's fourteen songs, eight were written by Lennon/McCartney, early evidence of what Rolling Stone later called "[their invention of] the idea of the self-contained rock band, writing their own hits and playing their own instruments." On Monday, 11 February 1963, The Beatles and George Martin started recording what was essentially their live act in 1963, and finished 585 minutes later (9 hours and 45 minutes). In three sessions that day (each lasting approximately three hours) they produced an authentic representation of the band's Cavern Club-era sound, with very few overdubs and edits. Optimistically, only two sessions were originally booked by Martin, with the evening session added later. George Martin initially contemplated recording the album live at the Cavern in front of the group's home audience and visited the Liverpool club on 9 December 1962 to consider the technicalities. When time constraints intervened, he decided to book them at EMI Studios in Abbey Road instead and record them virtually live. Martin said, "It was a straightforward performance of their stage repertoire — a broadcast, more or less." The day ended with a cover of "Twist and Shout", which had to be recorded last because John Lennon had a particularly bad cold and Martin feared the throat-shredding vocal would ruin Lennon's voice for the day. This performance, captured first take, and generally regarded as a classic, prompted Martin to say: "I don't know how they do it. We've been recording all day but the longer we go on the better they get." The song "Hold Me Tight" was recorded during these sessions, but was "surplus to requirements" and not included on the album. "Hold Me Tight" was recorded again on 12 September 1963 for With The Beatles. The whole day's session cost around £400. George Martin said: "There wasn't a lot of money at Parlophone. I was working to an annual budget of £55,000." This budget had to cover all of the artists on Martin's roster. Individually, under a contract with the Musicians' Union, each Beatle collected a seven pounds and ten shillings (£7.50) session fee for each three hour session. George Martin, a Fellow of the Zoological Society of London, thought that it might be good publicity for the zoo to have The Beatles pose outside the insect house for the cover photography of the album. However, the Zoological Society of London turned down Martin's offer, and instead, Angus McBean was asked to take the distinctive colour photograph of the group looking down over the stairwell inside EMI's London headquarters in Manchester Square. Martin was to write later: “We rang up the legendary theatre photographer Angus McBean, and bingo, he came round and did it there and then. It was done in an almighty rush, like the music. Thereafter, though, The Beatles' own creativity came bursting to the fore". In 1969, The Beatles asked McBean to recreate this shot. Although the 1969 photograph was originally intended for the then-planned Get Back album, it was not used when that project saw eventual release in 1970 as Let It Be. Instead, the 1969 photograph, along with an unused photograph from the 1963 photo shoot, was used in 1973 for The Beatles' retrospective albums 1962–1966 and 1967–1970. Another unused photograph from the 1963 photo shoot was used for The Beatles (No. 1) (also released in 1963). Please Please Me hit the top of the UK album charts in May 1963 and remained there for thirty weeks before being replaced by With the Beatles. This was highly unusual as the UK album charts at the time tended to be dominated by film soundtracks and easy listening vocalists. The Beatles first album went on the become one of the highest selling and collectable LP’s of all time. ALBUM PLAYED FOR GRADING: Yes – brilliant! sound quality throughout. This vinyl has been barely played and sounds amazing throughout! It would be hard to better for audio clarity.For one of the rarest records in existence it is possibly the hardest to find with great clear audio. There are so few of these left in the world, and the vast majority were heavily played on heavy equipment that ruined the profile of the vinyl grooves and left the pieces heavily distorted and plagued by loud pops and clicks. Absolutely no skips, loud pops or distortion. Minimal surface sound between tracks, the sound is clean and crisp, absolutely wonderful. This great record plays beyond the visual grading. It plays through with great Stereo power and clarity. The Tones are beautifully defined in this first UK pressing, with a great depth of sound and each channel being clearly defined, with a warm rich sound, which is infinitely superior to later pressings. Extra thick heavy quality press with the wider, first pressed grooves, make this audio really pack a punch. Strong, undistorted sound free of any loud pops or clicks. Channels are clean and unstressed. The record plays with staggering power, with a minimum of surface sound during the tracks.Great audio with minimal interference to distract form the overly enjoyment of this great record and hardly any surface or static noise between the tracks. I will give a detailed account below: 'I Saw Her Standing There' bursts in with superb clear audio. Bright loud sound, there are no pops or clicks, and certainly not a hint of distortion. Super bright and super loud, this is an astonishing clear audio performance. Due to a single small light scuff on the vinyl surface there are five light clicks between the first and second track, but NOT during the music (apart from possibly one extremely faint click in the very last split second of the first track). 'Misery' again plays with perfect separation and super clear sound. No pops or clicks and barely any detectable surface static at all. Leading into the quieter 'Anna', this track is the first real test for Please Please Me, with multi layering but also a sparseness, it plays superbly. The vocal clarity is incredible. Barely any light occasional static and no pops or clicks. A single tic between tracks and then into 'Chains' which sounds great, super clear with no obvious static, tics or pops. Superb. 'Boys' opens with a very clean intro, amazingly clear and bright. There is some static in the middle but its in no way intrusive or dominant. Still no loud pops or clicks, this would be very hard to better. The audio separation and clarity is near perfect. 'Ask Me Why' plays superbly. There is a bit of light static at the start, certainly nothing unusual for vinyl though, and it disappears as soon as the music starts. Being ultra critical, I did hear a couple of very light tics in the middle, but they were pretty hard to hear. 'Please Please Me', sounds great, again with no pops or clicks, just great music, all the sound effects that make up this track are sharp and clear, with some light static during parts of the track, but nothing intrusive, it rounds off side one and sounds wonderful with bright rockous audio. With absolutely no distortion what so ever, as this track is often prone to, it plays here with crystal clear audio, rounding off a brilliant side 1. Side 2. begins with the classic upbeat 'Love Me Do'. It plays through brilliantly with no pops or clicks, and minimal static at all. That massive harmonica solo is crystal clear. 'P.S. I Love You' plays beautifully, again with barely any detectable static, and no obvious sound interference's. There is a bit of light static between the tracks but nothing obtrusive or unusual for a little played piece of vinyl. 'Baby Its You' and 'Do You Want To Know A Secret' sound great, with virtually NO light surface static at all, and no loud pops or other sound interruptions . The music really is crystal clear.'A Taste of Honey' and the classic 'There's a Place' both sound superb, with bright clear sound and NO pops or clicks at all. I would say that there is the lightest hint of background static on 'A Taste of Honey', but it is very faint indeed, the kind you would find on any vinyl, even unplayed pieces. 'A Taste of Honey' often plays with some light background distortion, but not here, not a hint, all the original recording effects are perfect. 'There's a Place' plays on this great vinyl superbly, with amazingly clear loud sound. Being ultra critical, I did hear a couple of very light tics between the two tracks, but they were pretty hard to hear and not a all during the music.Rounding off the album with 'Twist and Shout', the track sounds great, with no pops or clicks. As with 'A Taste of Honey' there is none of the light background distortion often found, the sound is just crystal clear, bright and loud. This is a great pressing of the RAREST of versions of PLEASE PLEASE ME. It plays with no loud clicks or pops anywhere and certainly NO other dominant interference's. A little light static, but really barely any during the music, and I am being very critical. Any static that is there is very occasional, very much in the background and very hard to hear . Great music with great clarity, and I would say virtually impossible to find with this type of sound. The music jumps out, with definition and clarity, particularly on the percussion instruments, and vocals which come through with tremendous power. As is the same with the bass guitar and drums, whilst the guitars come through crisp and clear.I would easily give this great record a strict audio grading of EXCELLENT PLUS. A superb all round example of this ultimate vinyl rarity. The RecordThis is an exceptional pressing of PLEASE PLEASE ME. A superb piece of glossy vinyl, and a really thick pressing. The record still has great shine, with no deep scratches, minimal handling marks and minimal paper removal marks. In daylight Side 1. looks great, and on side 2. there are faint handling marks only and a couple of ultra light short hairlines. There is one light scuff and some very light hairlines. This is a really stunning example, clear grooves that deliver absolutely amazing audio clarity. Can easily grade at least at EXCELLENT minus to EXCELLENT. VINYL TESTED FOR ANY SIGNS OF WARPING: Yes, NONE visible what so ever when tested be sight and on a moving turntable. THE COVER Cover is the rarest press version - Printed and Made by Ernest J. Day & Co. Ltd. London with Angus McBean credit in the correct place in the far right corner. The front is EXCELLENT, with a great sheen. It is flat and crisp with little wear to the corners and minimal laminate creasing. Flip backs are largely intact with some light creasing and a small piece missing on the top rear right hand corner (approximately 3cm). The Spine and spine text is totally intact and the spine is undamaged, although there are a coupe of light creases and a small 5mm laminate loss at the very bottom end. There is a small laminate crack above Ringo's head on the front cover, about 3cm long, but its not very noticeable. Some light mottling to the rear, very light yellowing and marks on the back only. Its a very white rear panel, and really is a superb example. The opening edges are very square and totally un frayed. A great solid example. All round, this is a really nice cover! Strictly Grades at VERY GOOD PLUS to EXCELLENT. THE LABELS Deep colour with barely any light spindle traces. Famous 1st GOLD labels in great Condition, with no writing. There are a couple of very light scuffs on side 1. as clearly shown in the images. Great all round examples. Grades at EXCELLENT to NEAR MINT. THE INNERComes with The Original First Press Inner Sleeve with Polythene Lining, intact and in great condition. States: "USE EMITEX..." & "IMPORTANT - TAKE GOOD CARE OF YOUR MICROGROOVE RECORDS ...", as well as a replacement inner sleeve for added protection. EXCELLENT PLUS condition, - NO tears around the die cut opening, NO seem splits and NO wear at the top. Barely any discolouration. A great example. It looks like new. RARITY Without Doubt one of the rarest records in the world, and the Holy Grail for Beatles Collectors. There are literally only a few hundred left in the world, and most are in pretty poor condition. To find a pressing in this condition makes this an incredible and genuine rarity. Finding an original and complete GOLD STEREO Parlophone pressing in great condition is virtually unheard of. The vinyl is so often played so much, heavily marked, scratched, with noisy, poor and distorted sound. The labels are nearly always heavily worn, with the gold seriously faded and the covers are usually trashed. Any GOLD STEREO examples with a record in this type of condition, that plays with super clear audio unbelievably rare. The cover is almost impossible to find without serious wear, even modestly worn examples are scarce. A great cover like this, with a great piece of vinyl, makes this a truly unique opportunity!. A FANTASTIC OPPORTUNITY TO OWN A GENUINE HOLY GRAIL OF 20th CENTURY VINYL. AN ULTIMATE PIECE OF MUSICAL HISTORY. <div style="text-align:center"><img src="" border="0"><br><table align="center"><tr><td><a style="text-decoration:none" href=""><img src="" border="0"></a></td><td height="21px" valign="middle" align="center"><font face="arial" size="2"><b><a href="">guyanj7</a> Store</b></font></td></tr></table></div> GREAT COVERS WITH NO SEAM SPLITS, NO TEARS, NO WRITING, NO STICKERS.GREAT VINYLS WITH NO LOUD CLICKS OR POPS, NO JUMPS OR REPEATS - GUARANTEED! SCRUPULOUS EXAMINATION and TESTING; PLEASE NOTE:This record has been play tested on highly sensitive equipment to ensure the sound quality and accuracy of description. I aim to give a precise and concise description of the sound quality, pointing out any defects so that you know what you are buying. I will not go into screeds of information about the nature of the songs, as I imagine that you already know them well. I aim to describe all items as accurately as possible, and offer a full refund on return if for any reason you are not completely happy with the item description..VINYL SOUND - PLEASE NOTE:The highest quality vinyl with clear sound is rare, and is what I always aim for. I only sell records that play with TOP AUDIO performance, super clear sound uninterrupted by hiss or other interference. Even with the cleanest copies you will find occasional static sound or occasional light tics during playback, caused by a build of dust in the grooves. This is clearly different from the distortion, loud pops, repeating tics or clicks that are found on heavily played and worn pieces of vinyl. Any static build up will reduce when played, and I advise a light clean should be given between plays for optimal performance. VINYLLarge format art work covers with the original sound and mix unique to vinyl and of the highest quality audio. Vinyl record have always been loved and have become a great investment opportunity, with prices soaring over the last ten years, making classic pieces a great financial as well as a cultural investment. .IMAGES and INFORMATIONI only use my photographs taken with a high quality professional digital camera of the item for sale. The images are designed to be as clear as possible, giving an exact image of the item. I aim to give sufficient and accurate detail as possible, so that you know exactly what you are bidding on. Please let me know if you need any further information and I will be only to happy to oblige..ABOUT ME I am a visual artist, working internationally, a collector of art and rare objects including rare vinyl, which I have been collecting for over 25 years, and an art and music enthusiast. I specialise in the highest quality rarest items, selling to collectors the world over. I want you to know what a great item you are bidding on. If there is anything that is unclear in the listing, or you have any questions about this or any other item, please feel free to get in touch. All the best to you. SERVICE YOU CAN TRUST, QUALITY ASSURED. I HAVE A 100% POSITIVE FEEDBACK RATING.SOME EXAMPLES OF FEEDBACK –BRILLIANT LP MINT CONDITION,AWESOME SELLAR,1ST CLASS PACKAGING, NO PROBLEMS A+ITEM RECEIVED.. AS DESCRIBED... PACKED GREAT...MANY THANKS..RECOMMENDED.. A*******Great LP from a great seller. Thanks !! Very well packaged. AAA+++received today! great record!! thank you!!!Item arrived quickly, well packaged and in excellent condition. Very delivery, superb communication, good item, great ebayer AAAAA+++++.RETURN POLICY:100% Satisfaction Guaranteed ; - returns accepted with out question. If you are not happy then it can be returned, I cant say fairer that that!I ONLY SELL RARE GOODS THAT ARE IN GREAT CONDITION, IF THERE IS ANY SLIGHT DEFECT, IT WILL BE CLEARLY STATED.If in the unlikely event that you may want to return an item, or that I have missed something in the listing, I offer a no quibble return policy. Items must be returned within 12 Days of receipt, and returned in the same condition that they were sent out in. Return postage must be paid by buyer, unless there is a particular fault with the item, and then I will pay the full postage costs! MY RECORD GRADING SYSTEM IS AS FOLLOWS - (BASED ON RECORD COLLECTOR MAGAZINE U.K. )MINT: Virtually unplayed. The record itself is in brand new condition with no surface marks or deterioration in sound quality. Cover is pristine.EXCELLENT: The record shows some signs of having been played, but there is very little lessening in sound quality. The cover and packaging might have slight wear and/or creasing.V.G PLUS: The record will still be nice and shiny, but may have a few light marks, and will play well. Slight wear and tear on the cover.V.G: The record has obviously been played many times, but displays no major deterioration in sound quality, despite noticeable surface marks and occasional light scratch. Normal wear and tear on the cover or extra items.GOOD: The record has been played so much that the sound quality has noticeably deteriorated, perhaps with some distortion and mild scratches. The cover and contents suffer from folding, scuffing of edges, spine splits, etc.FAIR: Fair. It is noticeable that the record has been played so much that the sound quality has deteriorated very noticeably. The cover and contents are showing signs of folding, scuffing of edges etc.. POSTAGE AND PAYMENT DETAILS : -Items will be extremely well sealed and securely wrapped using the best possible packaging for safe handling and delivery. I send items all round the globe with 100% success! I sell top quality rare records to discerning buyers. I do not make money from the postage costs and aim to keep the prices at a reasonable rate, but please don't expect a cheap second rate service. IT IS AN ABSOLUTE PRIORITY THAT THE ITEMS YOU BUY GETS TO YOU IN PERFECT CONDITION. All RECORDS ARE REMOVED FROM THEIR MAIN COVER AND PLACED IN A BRAND NEW REPLACEMENT INNER SLEEVE TO AVOID ANY CHANCE OF EDGE SPLITS OR KNIFING. THEY ARE HELD SAFELY IN EXTRA THICK PLASTIC SLEEVES, AND THEN THEY ARE SECURED WITH SEVERAL EXTRA LAYERS OF REINFORCED CARD BOARD AND PADDING AND MAILED IN EXTRA STRONG PROFESSIONAL RECORD CONTAINERS TO ENSURE THEIR SAFE ARRIVAL. AS I HAVE STATED I HAVE A 100% SUCCESS RATE AND AIM TO KEEP IT THAT WAY.Example of packaging used UK - First Class Signed For Recorded Delivery with Insurance : = £5.00UK Special Signed For Next Day Delivery with Insurance : = £8.90EUROPE - International Airmail Signed For Recorded Delivery with Insurance : = £11.95INTERNATIONAL, Non-Europe e.g. USA, Japan, Russia, Australia etc. International Airmail Signed For Recorded Delivery with Insurance : = £18.95.MULTIPLE PURCHASE REDUCTIONReduced postage of course for multiple items up to 30% off extra items.POSTAGE WILL BE FIRST CLASS OR THE FASTEST AND SAFEST POSSIBLE ALTERNATIVE, RECORDED WITH TRACKING AND INSURANCE. ALL ITEMS ARE FULLY INSURED AND COVERED FOR THE SAFEST DELIVERY POSSIBLE, AT NO EXTRA COST TO YOU. GUARANTEED!POSTAGE RECEIPTS AND PROOF OF POSTAGE IS ALWAYS AVAILABLE. MANY THANKS..PAYMENTS Payments must be made within 3 days of purchasing unless an alternative arrangement has been agreed upon. Pay Pall ONLY for International buyers. We will accept Pay Pall, cheque or postal order within the UK, but no cash or bank transfers. Items sent out immediately on receipt of paymentPlease Note: If no contact is made by the winning bidder following the mandatory Ebay 3 days, I will reserve the right to offer the item to the runner-up, unless prior notice of any delay is arranged beforehand. Any bidder who has missed the chance to purchase an item from me can still email to make a priority second chance.
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