Beau - Dandelion, Rare 1969 1st Edition LP - Excellent Condition

$25.89 USD
February 11, 2019 - 07:59:02 PM GMT (12 days ago)
Beau-dandelion-rare-1969-1st-edition-lp-excellent-condition_45328250 Beau-dandelion-rare-1969-1st-edition-lp-excellent-condition_45328252 Beau-dandelion-rare-1969-1st-edition-lp-excellent-condition_45328254
Beau - DandelionRare 1972 Original 1st EditionSBPG 63751 (A1 & B1)The sleeve is in very good condition, there are some creases mainly on the front and a few marks on the back as can be seen in the photos. The sleeve also still has the original gold "Stereo" sticker fully intact. The LP itself is in excellent condition, I can barely see any marks on it other than a couple of faint ones. I haven't owned a record player for decades though now so haven't listened to it and can therefore make no comment/guarantee regarding play quality.I'm selling my complete LP collection of LPs which was mainly collected during the 1970s with folk, rock, easy listening and various other genres. I'm happy to combine postage at a lower rate than for individual postage of each item if you successfully bid on several LPs.I'm also happy to post outside of the UK by signed-for delivery.
February 04, 2019 - 07:59:02 PM GMT (19 days ago)
Beau-dandelion-rare-1969-1st-edition-lp-excellent-condition_45328258 Beau-dandelion-rare-1969-1st-edition-lp-excellent-condition_45328263 Beau-dandelion-rare-1969-1st-edition-lp-excellent-condition_45328267


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