Beethoven:Violin Sonatas/P.Makanowitzky(vn)N.Lee(pf)/FR LUMEN(3 LPS,not 4 LPs)

$3,966.37 USD
April 16, 2018 - 12:31:57 PM GMT (8 months ago)
Beethoven-violin-sonatas-p-makanowitzky-vn-n-lee-pf-fr-lumen-3-lps-not-4-lps_38595886 Beethoven-violin-sonatas-p-makanowitzky-vn-n-lee-pf-fr-lumen-3-lps-not-4-lps_38595890 Beethoven-violin-sonatas-p-makanowitzky-vn-n-lee-pf-fr-lumen-3-lps-not-4-lps_38595894
Beethoven:Violin Sonata No.1,2,3,6,7,9,10 Paul Makanowitzky(violin)Noel Lee(piano) FR LUMEN:LD 3416,3017,and 3019(FR Original,3LPs,without LD 3418(No.4,5, and 8)) Condition Record:EX LD 3019 side 2 have 1cm scuff,cause several tics,other side have few scuff cause tiny tics but not serious Condition Cover :EX+ You can listen for 3 minuites here!!!! 欢迎用中文咨询 Grading M :RECORD IS STILL SEALED AND HAS NEVER BEEN PLAYED. NM: A PERFECT OR NEARLY PERFECT RECORD PLAYED ONCE OR TWICE, ONLY COSMETIC FLAWS ACCEPTED. EX: SOME GENERAL MINOR WEAR, OCCASIONAL TICS, TINY HAIRLINES, STILL A FINE COLLECTORS COPY. VG: THE LP WILL HAVE ADDITIONAL WEAR WITH INCREASED NOISE, CLICKS AND THE OCCASIONAL LIGHT SCRATCH. Shipping we are base in japan,These items are from Japan.We don't ship for $4.00.Please wait for my invoice. I send it to you after buying a record. EMS SHIPPING:it takes 3-10days anywhere in the world. includes tracking number with insurance.EMS SHIPPING RATES FOR LPASIA: $21 for 1 record and $6 for each additional record.USA, EUROPE, AUSTRALIA: $25 for 1 record and $7 for each additional record. SOUTH AMERICA,Brazil,AFRICA: $29 for 1 record and $12 for each additional record. 欢迎用中文咨询
April 11, 2018 - 12:31:57 PM GMT (8 months ago)
Beethoven-violin-sonatas-p-makanowitzky-vn-n-lee-pf-fr-lumen-3-lps-not-4-lps_38595897 Beethoven-violin-sonatas-p-makanowitzky-vn-n-lee-pf-fr-lumen-3-lps-not-4-lps_38595900 Beethoven-violin-sonatas-p-makanowitzky-vn-n-lee-pf-fr-lumen-3-lps-not-4-lps_38595906 Beethoven-violin-sonatas-p-makanowitzky-vn-n-lee-pf-fr-lumen-3-lps-not-4-lps_38595910 Beethoven-violin-sonatas-p-makanowitzky-vn-n-lee-pf-fr-lumen-3-lps-not-4-lps_38595913 Beethoven-violin-sonatas-p-makanowitzky-vn-n-lee-pf-fr-lumen-3-lps-not-4-lps_38595916 Beethoven-violin-sonatas-p-makanowitzky-vn-n-lee-pf-fr-lumen-3-lps-not-4-lps_38595919


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