BEN - BEN - Vertigo Swirl LP 6360 052 UK 1st Press 1971 Rare Original

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May 16, 2018 - 06:16:55 PM GMT (7 months ago)
Ben-ben-vertigo-swirl-lp-6360-052-uk-1st-press-1971-rare-original_39328303 Ben-ben-vertigo-swirl-lp-6360-052-uk-1st-press-1971-rare-original_39328304 Ben-ben-vertigo-swirl-lp-6360-052-uk-1st-press-1971-rare-original_39328305
BEN - BEN - LP Vertigo UK 1st Press 1971 Rare Original From my own collection of Rare records. BEN - BEN - LP Vertigo UK 6360052 1971 One of the rarest original Vertigo LP's to find and collect especially in this condition. 10 Photo Check. Stated only 45-65 copies produced due to lack of publicity. Placed in my collection many years ago, now time to pass to a younger collector. Condition, record visual strong black shiny vinyl Excellent, test played both sides Excellent throughout including the flow between tracks practically silent. Labels Near Mint Vertigo Swirl 6360052 1971 UK. Matrix 6360052-1Y//1 420 and 6360052-2Y//1 420 Mother Stamp 04 and 04 on both sides, Original Swirl Inner Excellent. Record in separate sleeve so no damage to original. Gatefold cover 1st Press unlaminated. Front Very Good, just the lightest of small marks, no edge rub or writing. A small fine broken line near bottom, also on back, never attempted to clean, I will leave for the younger collector. The Spine square/firm Excellent with word perfect text. Back cover Very Good. One of the best covers I have seen of this album because of it being unlaminated. When you play and listen to this record you will not understand why only so few released, it is a great Jazz/Progressive record and worthy to place in any rare record collection. The postage including insurance is FREE worldwide which is fair for all record collectors. Each month I will list a rare record from my collection. This is a true auction, you can bid knowing that only true bids are placed All records from my 50 years of collecting Items dispatched immediately payment received. Payment by paypal If required, signed/tracked £4.99 extra Reduced postage for each extra record bought, click "see other items" for records listed, please wait for invoice. Postage - UK - Singles £1.50, additional Singles 50p each extra UK - EPs £1.50, additional EPs 50p extra Europe & Russia - Singles £3.99, additional Singles 50p each extra Europe & Russia - EPs £3.99, additional EPs 50p each UK - LPs £2.99, double LPs £3.99, additional LPs £1.00 each Europe & Russia - LPs £5.99, double LPs £6.99, additional LPs £2.00 each USA, Japan, Australia, Canada, World etc please check below for postage - Singles £5.00, additional Singles £1.00 each extra EPs £5.00, additional EPs £1.00 each extra LPs £8.99, Double LPs £10.99, additional LPs £2.00 each Returns accepted
May 06, 2018 - 06:16:55 PM GMT (7 months ago)
Ben-ben-vertigo-swirl-lp-6360-052-uk-1st-press-1971-rare-original_39328306 Ben-ben-vertigo-swirl-lp-6360-052-uk-1st-press-1971-rare-original_39328308 Ben-ben-vertigo-swirl-lp-6360-052-uk-1st-press-1971-rare-original_39328309 Ben-ben-vertigo-swirl-lp-6360-052-uk-1st-press-1971-rare-original_39328310 Ben-ben-vertigo-swirl-lp-6360-052-uk-1st-press-1971-rare-original_39328311 Ben-ben-vertigo-swirl-lp-6360-052-uk-1st-press-1971-rare-original_39328312 Ben-ben-vertigo-swirl-lp-6360-052-uk-1st-press-1971-rare-original_39328313


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