BILL EVANS New Jazz Conceptions Riverside LP 12-223 Mono DG White label OG 1st

$1,361.00 USD
February 11, 2019 - 02:26:36 AM GMT (5 days ago)
Bill-evans-new-jazz-conceptions-riverside-lp-12-223-mono-dg-white-label-og-1st_45311092 Bill-evans-new-jazz-conceptions-riverside-lp-12-223-mono-dg-white-label-og-1st_45311107 Bill-evans-new-jazz-conceptions-riverside-lp-12-223-mono-dg-white-label-og-1st_45311133
FORMAT: 12" 33 1/3 RPM LP ARTIST: Bill Evans TITLE: New Jazz Conceptions LABEL: Riverside NUMBER: 12-222 MONO/STEREO: Mono LABEL DESCRIPTION: Original 1st pressing, white labels, deep groove GRADE & DESCRIPTION (COVER): VG++, professionally restored. This is visible when looking at the spine (blank), and the bottom of the back cover where fine ink touch ups are visible on the address. See pics. GRADE & DESCRIPTION (RECORD): Strong VG (play graded), clean and glossy playing surface with a few superficial marks that cause low level static and a few soft tics, never overpowering the music. Beautiful sounding copy with loud, clear sound and powerful sonics. No loud pops, skips or groove wear. All records are original unless otherwise noted. Will be shipped safely in a record mailer, with the record outside the cover to protect the seams. Buyer pays return shipping. Conservative Grading: NM, VG++, VG+, VG, VG-, G+, G, F Payment: Paypal only. Please pay within 7 days of auction close.
February 04, 2019 - 02:26:36 AM GMT (12 days ago)
Bill-evans-new-jazz-conceptions-riverside-lp-12-223-mono-dg-white-label-og-1st_45311146 Bill-evans-new-jazz-conceptions-riverside-lp-12-223-mono-dg-white-label-og-1st_45311162 Bill-evans-new-jazz-conceptions-riverside-lp-12-223-mono-dg-white-label-og-1st_45311179 Bill-evans-new-jazz-conceptions-riverside-lp-12-223-mono-dg-white-label-og-1st_45311193 Bill-evans-new-jazz-conceptions-riverside-lp-12-223-mono-dg-white-label-og-1st_45311217 Bill-evans-new-jazz-conceptions-riverside-lp-12-223-mono-dg-white-label-og-1st_45311251 Bill-evans-new-jazz-conceptions-riverside-lp-12-223-mono-dg-white-label-og-1st_45311266 Bill-evans-new-jazz-conceptions-riverside-lp-12-223-mono-dg-white-label-og-1st_45311271 Bill-evans-new-jazz-conceptions-riverside-lp-12-223-mono-dg-white-label-og-1st_45311281


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