Bill Evans, Sunday at the Village Vanguard, 1st mono, RLP 376, mic&reels, NM

$345.00 USD
January 23, 2017 - 09:20:36 PM GMT (almost 5 years ago)
Bill Evans, Sunday at the Village Vanguard, 1st mono pressing, RLP 376, mic&reels logo, feat. Scott LaFaro - very collectible record in excellent condition! catalogue no: RLP 376 Record Condition: NM visual: NM, excellent luster; looks rarely played audio: EX, very good fidelity and mono sound mastering Cover Condition: EX very presentable textured cover with sharp spine and seams, some staining on the back and edges This record is coming in the anti-static inner sleeve. Please check our grading system at the bottom of this description box. Should your purchase not meet your expectation please contact us before leaving feedback and detailed seller rating. Your satisfaction is fully guaranteed - you can decide to return the record and will receive full refund including shipping cost both ways. Worldwide shipping: Poland / Germany: 7$ Rest of Europe: 10$ Rest of the World: 15$ We combine shipping, so in case of multiple purchase please wait with your payment until we update the shipping cost on the invoice. „Fidelity Matters“ Record Grading System S (SEALED) The record is factory sealed and never opened. It is assumed to be in mint condition, however it cannot be guaranteed by us until the seal is removed and record examined. M (MINT) The record exhibits no defects, marks or any other indication of being handled or played. Even smallest marks disqualify the record from this category. We do not use this grade, as even inserting or removing the record from the inner sleeve may cause superficial marks on the vinyl. NM (NEAR MINT) Visual grading: The record is virtually flawless, looks near new. Very minor and barely visible scuffs and storage streaks may be permitted, but no scratches. Labels are clean, without any writing or damage. Play grading: The record plays with no audible noise. Just an occasional, light tic may be permitted. EX / VG++ (EXCELLENT / VERY GOOD ++) Visual grading: The record may have some minor scuffs that are not feelable with the fingertip. Few non feelable hairlines may be present but the record has excellent luster. Labels are unmarked. Play grading: The record plays excellent, any light marks are not audible. Few light tics at times are permitted but nothing obvious interfering with audio quality. VG+ (VERY GOOD +) Visual grading: Some visible surface marks, minor scratches and scuffs (none of them is deep or obviously feelable). Vinyl still has good luster. Labels may have some minor imperfections but otherwise clean. Play grading: Marks on the vinyl have minimal impact on the sound quality, the overall listening experience is still very enjoyable. VG (VERY GOOD) Visual grading: Vinyl has some feelable scratches (although not deep) and multiple scuffs. Play grading: Surface marks cause minor surface noise, light groove wear is audible. Most of the time the interference is below the level of the music. There are no skips, no repetitions. G (GOOD) Visual grading: The record has deeper scratches and overall wear. Labels are significantly damaged. Play grading: Surface noise is disturbing most of the time even though the record will still play through without skips. P (POOR) Filler copy „Fidelity Matters“ Cover Grading System S (SEALED) The record is factory sealed and never opened. Cover is believed to be in undamaged condition. M (MINT) Absolutely perfect condition with no imperfections of any kind. NM (NEAR MINT) Very minor signs of wear are visible. All seams and spine are intact, there is no writing, stickers, tapes, etc. EX / VG++ (EXCELLENT / VERY GOOD ++) Light rubbing on edges, slight corner creases are permitted. No seam split, writings or tape on the cover. VG+ (VERY GOOD +) Minor writing, slight staining or short clear tape on seams is permitted. No seam split, artwork is still clean and presentable. VG (VERY GOOD) Overall wear is visible, seams may be starting to split, larger writing and discoloration is permitted. Graphics are still sharp and attractive. G (GOOD) Significant and multiple defects are present, eg. seam splits, ring wear, damaged corners, writings, tape, etc. Overall not looking well. P (POOR) Filler copy
January 13, 2017 - 09:20:36 PM GMT (about 5 years ago)
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