Black metal 7" lot Abigail (JPN), Blackosh (Master's Hammer), Wolves of Avalon

$5.50 USD
August 01, 2020 - 04:23:16 PM GMT (6 days ago)
Black metal 7" lot. New / unplayed (not shrink-wrapped). 1) Abigail / Lustrum 'Too Wild for the Crowd' - first wave inspired black metal from Japan and USA 2) Blackosh 'Rvouci Vichry' - black metal from Czech Republic, solo project of guitar player from Root, Master's Hammer, and Nifelheim 3) Alcoholic Rites / Lustrum 'Drunk and in Charge' - sleazy black metal from Ecuador and USA 4) The Wolves of Avalon 'Die Hard' - pagan black metal from UK, featuring cover of classic Venom track 'Die Hard' with guest appearances from Mantas, A.A. (Primordial), Baron (Amebix), and Mirai (Sigh) 5) Sangus 'Saevitia' - black metal from the USA with punk / crust influence Shipped with USPS Media Mail.
July 25, 2020 - 04:23:16 PM GMT (13 days ago)


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