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January 12, 2018 - 07:35:08 PM GMT (11 months ago)
Black-sabbath-paranoid-lp-1970-vertigo-1st-press-signed-by-band-jim-simpson_36072295 Black-sabbath-paranoid-lp-1970-vertigo-1st-press-signed-by-band-jim-simpson_36072300 Black-sabbath-paranoid-lp-1970-vertigo-1st-press-signed-by-band-jim-simpson_36072330
Up for auction is a VERY rare Vinyl LP by Black Sabbath called "Paranoid" and it is an ORIGINAL 1970 UK 'Earliest' 1st Pressing. This 1st Press 'Large' Vertigo 'Spiral' label is very rare. This LP is one of the first 100 in the pressing. One of Black Sabbath's rarest LP's it rarely comes up for sale - never comes up with all the signatures of the band - we believe these signatures to be signed early on - not later in their careers. Album has a few 'tells' to indicate this is a 1st Press. You may find another album of this release date but it probably will not have their then manager Jim Simpson and the Big Bear credit. This ultra rare text only appeared on the first batch of covers and was later removed - later pressings do not have it. They had a falling out with their manager and took his name off the album credits after the first 100 LP's had been pressed. The engraved numbers around the center of the album are: Side A - 636001 1Y // 1 420 121 (hard to see the 12 1). Side B - 6360011 2y // 1 420 11 5 (5 is hard to see and we are unsure about the '5'). This LP has a large spiral Vertigo logo on the label with a smaller spiral Vertigo logo and the word VERTIGO printed above the center hole. Later pressings have a smaller spiral Vertigo logo and the word Vertigo printed above the center hole. This Album has two gaps between the tracks on Side B - white label side. Later pressings have three gaps. Album was pressed on the thicker vinyl, later pressings were on thinner vinyl. I have not played this album. I didn't see any scratches the first 4 times I looked at it but I see one now, my fiance has tons of albums and he says we would have to play the album to see it the light scratch affects the way it plays. It covers one song on the "B" side from what I can see - the first song. I'm not sure of the process of removing scratches and will leave it to the experts. I'm not touching anything. Couple of little sticky marks on the back of the cover possibly from a previous tag placement. Can't see anything else but I am not in the habit of grading albums or covers and don't want to take it in to a record store for fear of something happening to it! There is some yellowing on the very edges of the white album sleeve. And you can see it well in the photos. I did remove a white tag from the inside of the compartment where the album sleeve is inserted. It said "Tower Records" $4.00. I don't think this can have been played much at all. I bought this LP at auction in a box lot with a few other albums (those include Thomas Dolby LP from Japan, Saturday Night Fever and Jesus Christ Superstar, so nothing like this!!) The album was inside a clear plastic sleeve when I purchased it. It slept in my storage unit for years until I cleaned out the unit a few days ago. I don't think I ever took it out of the plastic sleeve but just packed it away. I never saw the signatures until we discovered it again. For a few years I used to have an antiques and collectibles store with nothing really old but all collectible. I probably had 30 albums in the whole shop so you know I am not an expert but we have many venues these days to rely on the expertise of others and the online collectors say the signatures look early - they are obviously at an early end of the evolution of the band members autographs. I'm sure that after signing and signing over the course of their careers,I would shorten my signature too if I could. I have numerous photos so that you can view the vinyl and signatures also the number engravings. I've inquired on various autograph, album collector and fan sites and the consensus is that these signatures are the real deal. You will have to view and make up your own mind. The record labels are in great condition (see pictures) with no writing, no wear, and only VERY light spindle marks. The vinyl looks to be in very good condition. Gatefold Cover (with extra 'Jim Simpson' / 'Big Bear' credit) is in great condition. You can do a search for Black Sabbath Paranoid on Autograph Live and see the comments of the members regarding this great piece of Black Sabbath History. I can send additional photo of the vinyl if you email me. My fiance sells now under RevolutionSSB with over 100 perfect feedback and its his seller account we are using. (He refurbishes and sells mainly vintage phones.) I will not let you down, I believe I've done the research on this LP. I will package it really well!! $40 Shipping with full insurance for International - $15 for the USA. I will ship International. I don't mind picking up the extra costs for you. I always ship insured and will pad the heck out of this with extra thick boxing for International buyers. I will double box so the LP is floating in packing material inside another box. Paypal accepted. Please contact with me FIRST if you have any problems before you leave feedback, so I get a chance to turn any negative experience into a positive one! This way no one has to leave Negative/Neutral feedback - and we both walk away happy! - Private feedback bidders must consult me first prior to bidding - due to previous problems regarding non-payment, and non-receipt. --
January 05, 2018 - 07:35:08 PM GMT (11 months ago)
Black-sabbath-paranoid-lp-1970-vertigo-1st-press-signed-by-band-jim-simpson_36072364 Black-sabbath-paranoid-lp-1970-vertigo-1st-press-signed-by-band-jim-simpson_36072388 Black-sabbath-paranoid-lp-1970-vertigo-1st-press-signed-by-band-jim-simpson_36072402 Black-sabbath-paranoid-lp-1970-vertigo-1st-press-signed-by-band-jim-simpson_36072408 Black-sabbath-paranoid-lp-1970-vertigo-1st-press-signed-by-band-jim-simpson_36072411 Black-sabbath-paranoid-lp-1970-vertigo-1st-press-signed-by-band-jim-simpson_36072412 Black-sabbath-paranoid-lp-1970-vertigo-1st-press-signed-by-band-jim-simpson_36072414 Black-sabbath-paranoid-lp-1970-vertigo-1st-press-signed-by-band-jim-simpson_36072416 Black-sabbath-paranoid-lp-1970-vertigo-1st-press-signed-by-band-jim-simpson_36072417


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