BLOSSOM TOES If Only For A Moment UK Marmalade 1969 LP original Psych

$236.77 USD
June 30, 2020 - 04:28:17 PM GMT (8 days ago)
BLOSSOM TOES If Only For A Moment UK Marmalade 1969 This is there second album musically excellent this copy is not in mint or excellent condition it has been played as it would have been back then so if you want a collection filler this is for you unless you want to pay upwards of £700 for a mint copy Matrix A 608010A// 3.114 B 608010B// 2 112 Sleeve This is fully laminated in good condition there are some creases in the lamination ring wear some lifting of the lamination towards the spine the spine is square and readable there is no writing or stickers Labels These are in excellent condition no writing or stickers there are spindle marks Vinyl This looks like new with the naked eye still has a dark sheen but it’s not the vinyl is in very good condition there are two marks one on A side the other B side there are some surface marks these do not effect the sound quality in any way there are no nasty deep marks or scratches Audio This is excellent throughout no background noise between tracks and just of background hiss on run ins there are some light clicks there are no loud clicks or pops or jumps no sticking still strong and vibrant Footnote All albums are cleaned and play tested right through before being put up for auction
June 25, 2020 - 04:28:17 PM GMT (13 days ago)
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