BULK LOT x 87 Vietnamese 60s pop 7" vinyl 45rpm records Viet Nam, Song Nhac etc.

$2,111.10 USD
November 07, 2015 - 10:35:05 AM GMT (over 3 years ago)
Bulk-lot-x-87-vietnamese-60s-pop-7-vinyl-45rpm-records-viet-nam-song-nhac-etc_19284707 Bulk-lot-x-87-vietnamese-60s-pop-7-vinyl-45rpm-records-viet-nam-song-nhac-etc_19284711 Bulk-lot-x-87-vietnamese-60s-pop-7-vinyl-45rpm-records-viet-nam-song-nhac-etc_19284715
Việt Nam and Sóng Nhạc were labels from South Vietnam that disappeared after the reunification in 1975. Here are 87 x 7" EPs for sale in good condition. There are some very rare records in this collection. Many of the covers have stain marks but the majority of vinyl is in good condition - i.e.. they haven't had a lot of play. I haven't tested all of them. I welcome any enquiries in regards to any or all of this collection. International buyers are encouraged to contact me. The records on their own weigh 6 kgs and with packing will be at least 8 kgs. Express post international parcel to the USA will be around AU$175.
October 28, 2015 - 10:35:05 AM GMT (over 3 years ago)
45 RPM
Bulk-lot-x-87-vietnamese-60s-pop-7-vinyl-45rpm-records-viet-nam-song-nhac-etc_19284717 Bulk-lot-x-87-vietnamese-60s-pop-7-vinyl-45rpm-records-viet-nam-song-nhac-etc_19284720 Bulk-lot-x-87-vietnamese-60s-pop-7-vinyl-45rpm-records-viet-nam-song-nhac-etc_19284721 Bulk-lot-x-87-vietnamese-60s-pop-7-vinyl-45rpm-records-viet-nam-song-nhac-etc_19284722 Bulk-lot-x-87-vietnamese-60s-pop-7-vinyl-45rpm-records-viet-nam-song-nhac-etc_19284723 Bulk-lot-x-87-vietnamese-60s-pop-7-vinyl-45rpm-records-viet-nam-song-nhac-etc_19284725 Bulk-lot-x-87-vietnamese-60s-pop-7-vinyl-45rpm-records-viet-nam-song-nhac-etc_19284727


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