Carole King Tapestry LP Scarcer UK Blue Epic Ode EPC 82308 Superb Overall Audio

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March 21, 2019 - 06:03:03 PM GMT (3 months ago)
PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS RECORD HAS BEEN VACUUM CLEANED ON BOTH SIDES ON MY PROJECT PRO CLEANING MACHINE THANK YOU . PLEASE NOTE THAT ALL RECORDS , CD's , CASSETTES AND DVD's ARE FULLY PLAY TESTED FROM START TO FINISH INCLUDING BOTH SIDES FOR ALL RECORDS , THANK YOU . PLEASE NOTE THAT ALL RECORDS , CD's , CASSETTES AND DVD's ARE SENT VIA RM 1ST CLASS STD POST AND I ALWAYS OBTAIN PROPER PROOF OF POSTAGE , BUT PLEASE READ THE FULL POSTAGE DETAILS BELOW THANK YOU . PLEASE NOTE THAT ANY ITEMS WHICH END OR HAVE PAYMENT CLEARED ON A THURSDAY PM WILL BE POSTED ON THE NEXT MONDAY AS I DO NOT POST ON FRIDAYS OR SATURDAYS THANK YOU . PLEASE NOTE THAT ALL PHOTOS ARE OF THE ACTUAL RECORD INCLUDING COVERS / INNERS AND ARE NOT STOCK PHOTOS ETC . ALSO ALL PHOTOS ARE TAKEN BEFORE THE RECORD IS CLEANED . THE DARK LINES SOMETIMES SEEN ON THE PHOTOS OF THE RECORD FACE DOWN ARE JUST REFLECTIONS FROM THE BEAMS ON OUR CEILING , THANK YOU . ALL RECORDS ARE TESTED ON MY TRUSTY AIWA TURNTABLE AND GOOD QUALITY JVC AMP . THIS DOES ONLY HAVE A STD BASS AND TREBLE CONTROL . I LIKE TO USE THIS AS IT PICKS UP EVEN THE VERY SLIGHTEST BIT OF NOISE SO I KNOW I CAN DESCRIBE EVERY LP CORRECTLY ETC . I WOULD JUST LIKE TO SAY THAT PLAYED ON BETTER OR TOP QUALITY SYSTEMS WITH GREATER AND MORE TECHNICAL SOUND CONTROL ETC , THESE RECORDS WILL SOUND A LOT BETTER THAN I HAVE DESCRIBED . I KNOW THIS BECAUSE I OFTEN GIVE RECORDS ANOTHER QUICK PLAY ON THE FIRST COUPLE OF TRACKS ON MY PERSONAL TOP QUALITY PIONEER SYSTEM AND I DO FIND THAT MOST OF ANY NOISES LIKE CRACKLE ETC ARE MUCH MUCH QUIETER , SOME EVEN HARDLY SOUND AT ALL . I TEST EVERY RECORD AND FIND THAT MY AIWA WILL COVER MANY OTHER SIMILAR SET UPS THAT A LOT OF PEOPLE HAVE , I DID WANT TO JUST POINT THIS OUT , THANK YOU . Please note that i do tend to use " Very Good Condition " for most of my records , although none are heavily scratched etc and most will just have some general light surface marks only . The only exception to this is if the record does have scratches and lots of marks etc but is very rare and collectable and will be described in great detail . I never use " Mint " or " Near Mint " unless the record is unopened from it's original shrink wrap and is clearly unplayed . Even with these i am wary because if the record has been stored for years in maybe a damp garage or loft etc and has not been opened , then we can only presume it should be mint because we obviously can't actually see the record . Everyone obviously has their own opinions as to what is very good and excellent , but in my case , i tend to think that most , if not all records do have marks to some degree ( lots even from new ! ) purely because they are vinyl and mark easy and have been used over a considerable amount of time in most cases . This is why i use Very Good most of the times . This is also why i do go into great detail with my descriptions , as the term " Very Good " can be a bit vague . I do use " Excellent Condition " sometimes , but in my case , i would class this as hardly played , excellent shine and just a handful of the very very lightest and small surface marks only ( in other words , looks like new ) . Lots of my records as you can see by my feedback are better than described , more better than very good and closer to near ( if not ) excellent and i do pride myself on this fact , this is why i do use mainly " Very Good " but with very detailed descriptions also of which i will say i can go a little OTT with noise and general condition and can often make a record sound bad when it really isn't , i do just try my best to say how it is , but as i say please do check my feedback and you will see you can bid with confidence , thank you . Carole King Tapestry LP Scarcer UK Blue Epic Ode EPC 82308 Superb Overall Audio . On UK Blue / Yellow Epic EPC 82308 . This is the more scarce reissue with the 82308 catalogue number , the more frequently seen ones have the EPC 32110 number and i think were from 1984 . The code on this one is the same numbering as the earlier 1972 orange label reissue but that had the S EPC lettering . There is also a logo / symbol in the bottom right corner on the other ones , but this one does not have this , unfortunately i couldn't make out what the logo was on the others as they weren't close ups etc . The year is unknown but going on the label design , i would say it would be early 80's possibly late 70's though i'm not 100% sure when the blue labels came in . This is also pressed on thinner vinyl and has hand etched matrix numbers on the run off . It also has the numbers 1 and 2 for each side in small print just to the right of the spindle hole . PLEASE NOTE THAT ANY BRIGHT LINE MARKS SOMETIMES SEEN ON THE PHOTOS ( ESPECIALLY ON SOME WITH DOUBLE LINE MARKS SEEN ON AND NEAR THE RUN INS ) ARE PURELY LIGHT REFLECTIONS AND ARE NOT MARKS ON THE RECORD , UNLESS THEY ARE MENTIONED AS ACTUAL MARKS IN THE DESCRIPTION , THE DARK LINES ARE ALSO JUST REFLECTIONS FROM THE BEAMS ON OUR CEILING , THANK YOU . PLEASE ALSO NOTE THAT THE THIN LINES SOMETIMES SEEN IN PLACES ON THE COVER PICTURES WHICH LOOK LIKE CREASES , ARE JUST SHADOWS AND NOT CREASES , IF THERE ARE ANY CREASES PRESENT , THEY WILL BE MENTIONED IN THE DESCRIPTIONS BELOW , THANK YOU . COVER: Non laminated non GF cover generally in very good condition , nice and clean overall . FRONT FACE: There are a few usual but mostly quite light and small surface crease crack lines in places round the outer edges ( a couple a little larger but certainly nothing overly excessive at all . Mainly just a very few very light and very small usual general surface marks in places . There are a couple of very small clusters of white very tiny spot marks just below the word Tapestry , these are as i say very light and very tiny spots , but none the less are visible , i think i have tried to show them in the photos . There is also a small removed sticker mark in the top right corner which unfortunately has taken off some surface paper , due to the pale colour behind it it isn't glaringly obvious , but again is still visible . The usual but extremely light ringwear marks with no rubbing visible , also there are no obvious creases visible ( other than the usual ones as mentioned round the edges ) . Quite hard to find on these more fragile non laminated covers ! . TOP / BOTTOM MAIN EDGES: ( Not Including Corners And Right Next To Corners Please See Corner Description ) . Top edge: No obvious rub wear evident , just a very few tiny white spot marks , though these really are very tiny indeed . Bottom edge: The same . MAIN SPINE EDGE: ( Not Including Corners And Right Next To Corners Please See Corner Description ) . Very good overall . A few ( two or three ) usual but light and small surface crack lines in places . A bit of light dent wear in three or four odd places . There are a couple of small bits of rubbing which is showing white . All text is legible and still bold and bright . There is a very slight lean to the spine , but certainly no crushing etc . OPENING EDGES: Some usual but very light fray / dent useage wear on the outer edges only on the front and rear , anything really just consistent with age and general useage . CORNERS: Some usual mostly light fray / dent wear on the corners . The top and bottom left hand side corners do each have a small pierced hole on them , this though is not through excessive wear etc and is quite often seen and is actually from new and just being how the cover is put together . There is some white showing round these . The right hand corners mainly just show a very little fray wear on the tip ends , but there is the removed sticker mark as previously mentioned in the top right which has gone onto the actual corner . REAR: Very good indeed overall . A very few usual very light general surface marks in places . A very few usual very small surface crease crack lines in places round the outer edges . There are the usual ringwear marks , but again light only with just the start of a very light bit of rubbing in places , again though this really is very light only . INNER SLEEVE: Plain white paper poly lined inner sleeve in good overall condition . A very few very light and small general surface marks in places . The usual but not heavy ringwear marks . There are some creases and a bit of light rippling in places and the usual creases caused by the outer edge of the record near the corners , there are a couple of heavy bits of creasing just near to the bottom corners . Some light normal useage wear on the top opening edges and the usual lines of glue residue near to and running along the top opening edges . I can confirm that this is not the original inner sleeve . RECORD: The overall visual grade under normal household light conditions is a very very strong very good / near excellent condition with just a few very light only hairline surface marks on both sides and one patch of very small and light surface spot marks just after the run in on S2 , this is not glaringly obvious under normal household light but can be seen more under a light . It is basically a cluster of surface spot marks which appear like greying spots , going on the condition of the record which is great it certainly isn't through wear etc and it is only in one spot , i actually think it may even be a slight manufacturing defect / cleaning fluid spot marks from the factory ? , but either way , it is very light and it did not affect the play or sound quality at all . A lot of the hairlines i will also say are also only visible under a light , there are no nasty gouges / deep scratches etc whatsoever . It plays beautifully crisp and clear throughout on the audio playback with really just some ( very very little indeed really hardly any ! ) ultra occasional mega light odd bits of background only noise and very very very occasional very very very light tick on some of the quieter parts , any of these really very very very few odd super light isolated bits of noise are really over very quickly indeed , are not constant and certainly do not spoil any enjoyment whatsoever being very very light indeed ! . There really is next to nothing noise wise on this one ! . Actually the vast majority of this one does play virtually noise free on the audio ! . There are some usual and sometimes louder noises heard on the silent run ins/offs and silent track changeover lines , though i must say that even these were very quiet indeed , in fact many again being virtually noise free . This record on the music really does play and sound superb overall and the audio tones are still truely awesome . There were no jumps etc when tested on my deck and it still retains a lovely shine . Both labels are very near excellent , writing free , lovely and clean with just a very few ( two or three ) usual but extremely light and small spindle marks on both labels . There really is hardly anything worthy of note to report on this one on the audio , any of the ultra odd bits of noise on the music really was ultra light indeed and mega occasional as i say and any being over super quick . I really can't stress enough how good this one plays and sounds ! . It really must be up there with the best sounding older examples out there today ! . All in all a very nice example of this now very collectable item together with awesome overall sound , do turn this one up and enjoy ! . Thank you very much for your time and interest and happy bidding . Please do read the following ref post and packing and item gradings explained thank you . Excellent : The record shows some signs of having been played , but there is very little lessening in sound quality . Postage prices shown are for the UK . All items are sent via Royal Mail 1st class std post , unless otherwise stated in the listing . Please note that any bids that exceed £20 GBP ( inclusive ) , will be sent via 1st class recorded in the UK and International signed for ( only 7" singles are available to post for Europe , no LP's outside the UK sorry ) in Europe , this is due to Royal Mail now only covering up to £20 on standard deliveries. Please be aware that the extra cost for this WILL be added on to the base rates that are shown if this is the case , thank you . Please do feel free to contact me for signed for extra charges prior to bidding . Please can you wait for my invoice before paying if i have to change the invoice to signed for , thank you . Please also note that I always obtain proper proof of postage when I post any items . Please note, all records are packed in proper pro card mailers with a minimum of 3 stiffeners for LP’s and 2 for 7" singles ( more if i think they are needed ) . CD’s , Cassettes and DVD’s are sent in strong bubble wrap envelopes. These are also taped with brown parcel tape along all edges and seams for added protection. Please note that whilst ALL my LP's and 12" singles are now vacuum cleaned on my Project pro cleaning machine , i do not yet own a record cleaning machine arm for 7" and 10" records , so whilst virtually all of my records are generally all clean and have a very nice shine , there obviously maybe some small traces of dust particles from cleaning manually if this is needed , though most , i do like to leave as they are , as i try to be very picky with the quality of records i sell ( unless stated otherwise ie very rare but some marks etc ) . If this is the case then i would always advise a pro clean on a machine with a 7" and 10" arm thank you . Please note that whilst I haven’t increased my postage charges for a very long time now , but this now other recent price increase , has seen me , unfortunately , have to put a slight increase on my overall charges . This is also topped with the rise in cost for quality card mailers , jiffy bags , stiffeners and Ebays new 10% extra fee for postage costs to all sellers , but I do obviously want to still remain competitive and still offer my usual top quality service . Please also note that I now send ALL LP’s with a minimum of 3 stiffeners on all none GF LP's and all 7" singles with a minimum of 2 stiffeners . I do not agree with making money out of postage from people who are good enough to buy an item from me and would never enter into this practice , as you can see by my charges on all my items , after all the fees and costs etc , i never make anything from it and wouldn't want to , in fact a lot of times i actually lose a little money on postage , thank you .
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