Chuck Corby & Entrees City of Strangers/Bring My Daddy Home 1966 Sonic 118 VG

$41.00 USD
January 14, 2021 - 12:20:48 AM GMT (14 days ago)
Condition is Used. Shipped with USPS Media Mail. Ebay applies tax. DISK: From a collector's vault, a rare copy of a Chuck Corby and The Entrees. A little dull. Lots of superficial scratches and some scuffs. Sounds pretty good with probably some overall surface noise. Music greatly overpowers the noise that I am listening for. Nice music. Sounds like smooth soul, but he is white on Facebook. That I cannot explain, but he is hugging Smokey in one pic. Very few recordings. This one very expensive on Discogs and on GB sites. Hold payment for invoice on multiple bids for correct shipping cost. My Qualifications: My representation of records is based on my reasonable, careful but amateur examination without magnification or expert knowledge. So be forewarned that the record may not be absolutely perfect in every way under expert visual or expert audiophile listening scrutiny. I am just an intelligent and cautious guy, reasoning out the clues and liquidating records as honestly as I can. Please understand that the records I am selling were not collected by me so I do not know their history. I am no kind of expert in music or records. I research each item on Discogs and, for 45s, Fosman's Dead Wax book, 45cat, and other sites for all the information in the post. If I have information from Discogs, Fosman or another seller's post that a record is a reissue, I indicate that. I listen to all 45rpm records and parts of any 33rpm that looks potentially damaged. I judge them according to Discogs standards and give the reasons for my rating so buyers can second guess me. My quality ratings are not certified in any way. If the difference between an original edition and a reissue is indicated by a tiny detail not shown on Discogs, Fosman or by another seller, I may not discover that. I sell in the belief that collectors of vintage records are more knowledgeable than me about what they collect and know what they are looking at. I am glad to answer any questions that could determine the authenticity of a version. Because collectors may know the true value of a record, while I do not, I start at a very reasonable price and let bidders set the true value, which is often much higher than I thought or much lower. If an item gets no bids after a while I discard it even though I originally thought it was worth something.
January 07, 2021 - 12:20:48 AM GMT (21 days ago)


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