Collection 80 record sleeves - Hardcore, techno, house, hip hop, drum and bass

$38.47 USD
January 12, 2019 - 08:27:00 PM GMT (10 days ago)
Collection-80-record-sleeves-hardcore-techno-house-hip-hop-drum-and-bass_44540986 Collection-80-record-sleeves-hardcore-techno-house-hip-hop-drum-and-bass_44541018 Collection-80-record-sleeves-hardcore-techno-house-hip-hop-drum-and-bass_44541035
Collection of record sleeves - Hardcore, techno, house, hip hop, drum and bass No Records , just sleeves I have had these for ages and they have just built up over the years. The vinyls are long gone, they were either missing or badly damaged,I just kept the sleeves They are genrally around the vg grade...some G+ some vg+ Please see pics, approx about 80 sleeves, maybe 90 Sent as Hermes signed for mail within the UKInternational bidders please contact me for posting costs
January 05, 2019 - 08:27:00 PM GMT (17 days ago)
Collection-80-record-sleeves-hardcore-techno-house-hip-hop-drum-and-bass_44541056 Collection-80-record-sleeves-hardcore-techno-house-hip-hop-drum-and-bass_44541065 Collection-80-record-sleeves-hardcore-techno-house-hip-hop-drum-and-bass_44541070 Collection-80-record-sleeves-hardcore-techno-house-hip-hop-drum-and-bass_44541072


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