Columbia SAX 2512/2513 Stereo 1ED Beethoven Szell Cleveland Vinyl LP Parts 1 & 2

$2,430.07 USD
November 08, 2018 - 10:00:54 AM GMT (about 1 month ago)
Columbia-sax-2512-2513-stereo-1ed-beethoven-szell-cleveland-vinyl-lp-parts-1-2_43146888 Columbia-sax-2512-2513-stereo-1ed-beethoven-szell-cleveland-vinyl-lp-parts-1-2_43146898 Columbia-sax-2512-2513-stereo-1ed-beethoven-szell-cleveland-vinyl-lp-parts-1-2_43146899
Mega rare 1st stereo Blue/Turquoise and Sliver Labels You are bidding on the complete set Record 1 and 2, very rare singly let along together and in this condition, very is in amazing condition, am grading conservatively. Beethoven Choral Symphony George Szell/Cleveland Orchestra No skips or jumps, plays amazing. SAX 2512 (Record 1 of 2) Side 1 Matrix YAX 1027-3 (R at 3 o’clock) Side 2 Matrix YAX 1028-1 (R at 3 o’clock) Vinyl: Side 1: EX+(the odd small faint mark, visually stunning plays amazing hardly even any crackling in the quieter parts) Side 2: EX+(a couple of small faint marks, overall stunning, plays beautifully) Label: VG++ (low spindle wear on label, edge of hole has a small amount of wear, whitened a little) Sleeve: VG++ (spine good, has some light creases but no cracks and type is excellent and readable, front is dirty along opening edge, some sleeve wear along top red line, some light wear spine corners, rear has some dirty along edge of flip backs and a green sticker top right corner, an identifying mark of previous owner, otherwise excellent) Has it’s original factory inner sleeve, a little creased and yellowing at the sides and corners SAX 2513 (Record 2 of 2) Side 3 Matrix YAX 1029-2 (R at 3 o’clock) Side 4 Matrix YAX 1030-6 (C at 3.30 o’clock) Vinyl: Side 3: EX (visually great one small mark plays beautifully, a little crackling in quieter parts, have not cleaned these records at all Side 4: VG+ (bit more crackling, a bit early on and a little more towards end of this side, a couple of light surfaces marks very shallow, otherwise looks amazing and plays great) Label: VG++ (no spindle wear on label, edge of hole has a small amount of wear, whitened a little) Sleeve: VG+ (a dirty mark that cuts into the spine a little approx half way up on the front, some light marks/wear around top red line, and also some sticker remnants across the epic on bottom of the front. Dirty along opening edge, most likely that is wear laminate ends, light wear/damage to spine corners, type on the spine good apart from that mark on the front which goes into the R of Choral on the spine, back a green sticker top right again from the previous owner, a little dirt on the flip backs at the edge of the laminate, some light shelf wear otherwise excellent) Has its original factory inner sleeve, some creasing around the shape of disc, and a bit yellowed on the opening edge side. I have not cleaned either Record at all. It’s amazing they are in such fine condition at almost 60years old. A high starting price, sorry, didn’t want to risk letting them go to cheap, have other early fine classical to put on so please watch out for my other items. Please see my feedback and other listings
November 01, 2018 - 10:00:54 AM GMT (about 1 month ago)
Columbia-sax-2512-2513-stereo-1ed-beethoven-szell-cleveland-vinyl-lp-parts-1-2_43146902 Columbia-sax-2512-2513-stereo-1ed-beethoven-szell-cleveland-vinyl-lp-parts-1-2_43146904 Columbia-sax-2512-2513-stereo-1ed-beethoven-szell-cleveland-vinyl-lp-parts-1-2_43146910 Columbia-sax-2512-2513-stereo-1ed-beethoven-szell-cleveland-vinyl-lp-parts-1-2_43146915 Columbia-sax-2512-2513-stereo-1ed-beethoven-szell-cleveland-vinyl-lp-parts-1-2_43146917 Columbia-sax-2512-2513-stereo-1ed-beethoven-szell-cleveland-vinyl-lp-parts-1-2_43146919 Columbia-sax-2512-2513-stereo-1ed-beethoven-szell-cleveland-vinyl-lp-parts-1-2_43146924 Columbia-sax-2512-2513-stereo-1ed-beethoven-szell-cleveland-vinyl-lp-parts-1-2_43146927 Columbia-sax-2512-2513-stereo-1ed-beethoven-szell-cleveland-vinyl-lp-parts-1-2_43146928


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