Congos - Heart Of The Congos (Original Mix) JA orig Black Art LP ►♫

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April 01, 2012 - 08:11:14 PM GMT (over 10 years ago)
A MESSAGE TO OUR CUSTOMERS: We want you to be happy with your tradings with us, we try our best to make this happen but we are also a busy shop and cannot attend to eBay during the day. Please bear that in mind when leaving your marks. If you have ANY problems, please come to talk to us FIRST as we are here to help you. This week: ...Oneof the best roots albums of all time, and a heap of great 12s and 7s... Congos - Heart Of The Congos (Original Mix) Vinyl 12" LP Jamaica 1977 Black Art LP 4049 LP-4049-A / LP-4049-B Vinyl VG++ light surface marks - plays great Labels EX clean Sleeve etc VG+ as per usual there is a little surface wear to the print and a little edge bending and so forth but it's pretty clean, a small amount of pen writing on the rear check the scans click on the images to enlarge! scans are always of the actual item for sale! Click on the link to hear a sample taken from this item. Original JA pressing. Most deep roots of all time from Jamaica's best vocal group ever. This is the daddy of all spiritual roots albums and it's also the ORIGINAL mix. For those that do not know this album only ever appeared in this original mix for the first few hundred pressed in Jamaica. ANY other version you see will be a version of the subsequent more complicated mix that Perry put out later. We feel this one is a more down-to-earth version. The biggest difference is the lack of several 'special effects' in the mix, it's sparse and a lot more 'crisp' in effect. Check the sample. The sleeve: Most copies of this album came with the blue stripes on the front painted over (possibly by Perry himself) with yellow paint 'cos he didn't like the colour of Babylon! We don't know if that makes this copy more valuable or not? We do know it's hard to find a copy of the vinyl in this clean condition! Tuff Scout (our label) has SIX new releases for December 2011 Several other back catalog 45s also available for sale on eBay here: TUF 101 Hue B 'Everday Thing' Limited 7" Hear it on YouTube TUF 102 Ramon Judah 'Truth And Rights' Limited 7" Hear it on YouTube TUF 103 Carl Meeks 'Tuff Scout' Limited 10" Hear it on YouTube TUF 104 Hue B 'Give Thanks And Praise' Limited 7" Hear it on YouTube TUF 105 Sowell Radics 'Wheel O'Matilda' Limited 7" Hear it on YouTube TUF 106 Robert Lee 'Meltdown' Limited 7" Hear it on YouTube TUF 107 Robert Lee 'Battlefield' Limited 7" Hear it on YouTube TUF 108 Al Campbell 'Push Push' Limited 7" Hear it on YouTube TUF 109 Horace Martin 'Unity' Limited 7" Hear it on YouTube TUF 110 Spyda Meets The Dub Hooligan 'Mek Dem Gwan' Limited 7" Hear it on YouTube TUF 111 Al Campbell 'Wise Words' Limited 7" Hear it on YouTube TUF 112 Robert Lee 'Authentic Music' Limited 7" Hear it on YouTube TUF 113 Horace Martin 'Earthquake' Limited 7" Hear it on YouTube Please read everything before you place your bid! 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March 25, 2012 - 08:11:14 PM GMT (over 10 years ago)
LP (12-Inch)
45 RPM


  1. Good point vlad. It's really hard to tell the authenticity. I try to base it upon look and feel of the cover and record, because sometimes that's the best I can really do. I'm still curious about the authenticity of the Black Art (Hood) label, vs the Black Art (beige BG with black text) label. I know that the Black Art (beige BG with black text) label, with the cover with yellow stripes is considered to be the true original.. and I haven't heard much mention of the Black Art (hood) label.
  2. Yep, but a weaker - dirtier copy sold for 600 USD last night....shill 600 USD professional ebayers can create copies of the actual record. With 3 or 4 sold over a 1 year period, it more than covers costs. 70's covers are not that tough to get copies of. Paint 2 yellow stripes on them and get on ebay to fool people.
  3. Another mysterious appearance of the Black Art (Hood) label original mix here?