CONJUNTO CENTURY LP - AUDIO LATINO RECORDS - VG-VG+ jacket has wear plays great

$467.00 USD
March 13, 2018 - 06:08:50 PM GMT (9 months ago)
Conjunto-century-lp-audio-latino-records-vg-vg-jacket-has-wear-plays-great_37667996 Conjunto-century-lp-audio-latino-records-vg-vg-jacket-has-wear-plays-great_37667999 Conjunto-century-lp-audio-latino-records-vg-vg-jacket-has-wear-plays-great_37668002
I've found alot of interesting LP's down in Miami in the last few years... Starting to downsize the collection, so expect to see some cool (and maybe weird) records in the coming weeks. This one's pretty funky. Basically, 70's funk salsa I guess? Recorded really well... Plays great... Jacket has some wear. See pictures for details. If you're in the Miami area feel free to schedule a listening session before buying. Who knows... You'll probably find more records you'd like :) I will pack this extremely well - ships via USPS. Any questions, feel free to ask. Also, FREE shipping on this item... It will be insured for the full amount just in case. Concerning how I rate the condition of my records, see below..... M (MINT) Vinyl = No flaws, defects, marks or other indications of being handled or played. Cover = Perfect cover; NO dings, marks, tears, dents, bends, creases or other flaws. NM (NEAR MINT) Vinyl = Almost flawless. Very minor scuffs may be permitted, but no scratches. Cover = Cover may have one or two small, barely noticeable flaws. VG++ (VERY GOOD PLUS PLUS) Vinyl = May have paper scuffs and/or a couple of light scratches, but nothing that would interfere with play or the sound quality. Cover = Cover may have very minimal wear overall, possibly with very slight ring wear and/or edge wear, maybe a very small bend or small creases. NO seam splits, stains or writing on the cover. VG+ (VERY GOOD PLUS) Vinyl = Some visible surface wear (scuffs and/or scratches that CANNOT be felt), which may have VERY MINIMAL impact on the sound quality, IF ANY. Cover = Cover will show some wear and may have a bend and/or creases. There may be some ring wear and/or edge wear, but it doesn’t overpower the artwork. No split seams. Corners may have small creases or fraying. VG (VERY GOOD) Vinyl = Scuffs and/or scratches will be more noticeable than a VG+ record and there may be one or two scratches that can be felt. Surface noise should only occur occasionally (mostly between tracks, during quiet passages and where a small, felt scratch may exist). Cover = Will have some of the same wear listed for a VG+ cover but more pronounced, with more noticeable ring wear and/or edge wear. May include larger bends and/or creases and possibly the beginning of a seam split. G (GOOD) Vinyl = Extensively played vinyl with some scratches that can be felt, probably causing SOME distracting surface noise (hisses, pops, crackles). This does not mean that you will hear constant noises throughout (that would be considered a “POOR” grade vinyl). Cover = Generally worn overall and will have several but not all of the following flaws: seam splits, writing, significant ring wear and/or edge wear, damaged corners, tears, cuts, scuffs, seam repairs, or other flaws. P (POOR) Vinyl = There will be major noise and possibly skips from extensive scratches that can be felt. Cover = Will be in very bad shape. I will rarely sell records that fall into this category, unless it is a very rare or collectible title.
March 10, 2018 - 06:08:50 PM GMT (9 months ago)
Conjunto-century-lp-audio-latino-records-vg-vg-jacket-has-wear-plays-great_37668003 Conjunto-century-lp-audio-latino-records-vg-vg-jacket-has-wear-plays-great_37668005 Conjunto-century-lp-audio-latino-records-vg-vg-jacket-has-wear-plays-great_37668009


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