CURTIS MAYFIELD - “Curtis” LP 1970 Curtom CRS-8005 vinyl

$60.55 USD
March 15, 2019 - 01:50:25 AM GMT (2 months ago)
Up for auction is my original 1970 copy of Curtis Mayfield’s album “Curtis”. Gatefold is in fantastic condition, no rips, tears, creases or stains. There is very very minor ringwear on the front. Corners are still sharp and color is great. When you open the gatefold the spine is still tight, almost like it’s never been fully stretched open. I’m not a professional grader like a lot of others pretend to be, but this gatefold is in incredible condition. Vinyl is also in incredible condition, I cleaned it myself. There are no scratches at all. Only thing I can see when I hold the disc at an angle under light is one very faint drag. To me it doesn’t look like it will affect play at all. Unfortunately I no longer own a turntable so I am unable to give it a listen test. Overall I’d say the disc is in great shape. I will mail in a box made specifically for mailing records, wrapped in bubble wrap, within 24 hours of payment. Thanks for looking!
March 08, 2019 - 01:50:25 AM GMT (2 months ago)
33 RPM


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