CZAR / Iron Curtain / Black Sunday - 1982 / Early USA Metal 7” 45 Vinyl - RARE!

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June 30, 2020 - 12:15:23 AM GMT (8 days ago)
CZAR - Iron Curtain / Black Sunday - Early 1982 USA Metal 7” 45 Vinyl - RARE! Vinyl - (EX) is very clean, no visible blemishes at all. Sleeve and Lyric Sheet(VG+) have some wear/wrinkles (see photos) Ships via USPS First Class (Well packaged) I found this review here: "Czar's single is simply a great slab of early US metal. The production is very good for a small-time act, very loud and in your face, which suits the music well. The vocalist is not another US metal shrieker who sounds like his leather pants are a few sizes too tight; instead he has a rough growl more akin to bands such as Tyrant ('Too Late to Pray') or Medieval. The guitar tone has a somewhat fuzzed-out sound that brings to mind acts like Witchfinder General or maybe even Saint Vitus (but not as good- no one does doom as well as Dave Chandlier), and the soloing is awesome, again showing some appreciation for Saint Vitus." "If the above description hasn't clued you in, the musical style is heavy, doomy, true US metal. This band could easily have been featured on the Metal Massacre 4 compilation alongside such luminaries as Warcry, Medieval, and Trouble. 'Iron Curtain' is the more uptempo number, and the lyrical theme of war with Soviet-era Russia heightens the Witchfinder General comparison. 'Black Sunday' is a slower number but still excellent; between the wailing solos and the heavy, slow pace it should strike a (power)chord with all the Children of Doom." Excellent (EX) ~ These records will show faint signs of wear such as light scratches/blemishes/scuffs. However the marks are superficial for the most part should not affect the quality of the sound too much. A Excellent record will play with little surface noise (if any) and will have a great listening experience. Jacket may have 2-3 of the following: light ring wear, wear on the corners/ seams, small names, stickers, notch/ corner cuts, creases, and light discoloration. Labels may have spindle marks, small writing such as initials, and small stickers.VERY GOOD PLUS (VG+) ~ Shows signs of wear, light scuffs or scratches may be present but they should not affect playback significantly. Nothing felt by fingernail. Jacket may have a 3-4 of the following: ring wear, shelf wear, seam splits (less than 1” long), writing, creases, discoloration, names, stickers, notch/corner cuts .
June 23, 2020 - 12:15:23 AM GMT (15 days ago)
45 RPM


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