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'ITS THE VINYL COUNTDOWN' Welcome to 'Its the vinyl countdown' music auctions. Here you will find some of the most incredible rare records and music memorabilia for your collection. We pride ourselves on auctioning only the highest grade records and items, you will not see anything listed here below EX+ condition, unles the item is extremely rare. You will not see worn covers, warped records or scratched records. We simply do not bother with them. We list in many cases, 'Archived' & 'mint' condition items, we are able to source from private collections all over the UK. So we hope you can be put at ease that what you are bidding on is of the highest quality. We play through most of the records, unless the item is clearly mint, or sealed..in which case we don't play them, thus maintaining their 'unplayed' status! Obviously with some of these rare items there will be the odd 'anomoly' along the way , the odd little static pop or lead in 'sizzle' for a split second.. nothing is perfect we find! all systems differ, but we aim to describe these as accurately as possible for you.... PLEASE ENJOY THIS ITEM YOU ARE NOW LOOKING AT.. DIRE STRAITS 'ALCHEMY' SUPERB ORIGINAL UK 1984 PRESSING***OLD SHOP STOCK - IMMACULATE MINT PLAY COPY ***SO RARE TO SEE THIS ALBUM IN 'THIS' CONDITIONSEE OUR OTHER RELATED LPs WE ARE SLOWLY LISTING FROM THIS INCREDIBLE COLLECTION! AS GOOD AS WE HAVE EVER SEEN. Released 1984 Label VERTIGO VERY 11 Matrix 818244 A//4 V420 SOUND CLINIC Stampers: 1 4 818244 B//3 V420 SOUND CLINIC Stampers: 1 1 818245 A//2 V420 SOUND CLINIC Stampers: 1 3 818245 B//3 V420 SOUND CLINIC Stampers: 1 6 THE VINYLS MINT- STRONG play ARCHIVED LP FROM PRIVATE COLLECTION - KEPT IN SUPERB AS NEW CONDITION.. - STORED AWAY FROM NEW WITH ONE/TWO PLAYS POSSIBLY AT BEST Just one example from this staggering collection we are offering.. THIS VINYL SET IS A CRACKER! OUT THE BOX.... THERE ARE SOME LIGHT WHISP LINES, ... THAT'S IT.ONE TINY VISIBLE SKATE LINE AROUND THE SPINDLE HOLESSOME DUST ON THE VINYLS OVERALL THIS IS REALLY QUITE SPECIAL.THE WHOLE RECORD PLAYS AMAZING, NO AUDIBLE STATIC ON INTRO DEAD WAX.. THE LP HAS BEEN STORED AWAY FOR DECADES. THE LABELS MINT FLAT MATT LABELS THE SLEEVE MINT- Original edition GATEFOLD GLOSS SLEEVE - With ORIGINAL BLACK INNERS Printer credits : HOWARDS (SLOUGH)WE HAVE UNEARTHED A 'SUPERB' SLEEVEOUT THE BOX!! AS NEW! SUPERB EXAMPLE WITH NO GRUBBY DISCOLOUR AT ALLNO RING WEAR - NO GRUBBINESS OR DISCOLOUR AT ALLOPEN EDGE IS SHARP WITH NO FEATHERINGCUT TO THE CHASE- THIS IS IMMACULATEALL INKS ARE PERFECT AS YOU COULD HOPE FORTHE GATEFOLD IS PRISTINE - We cannot add any more than this! ITS A SUPERB EXAMPLE - TO FIND THIS ALBUM IN THIS CONDITION IS JUST A JOY TO SEEYOU WILL NOT SEE BETTER THE INNER SLEEVES MINT ORIGINAL VERTIGO BLACK INNERS.. NO SPLITS, OR DAMAGE POSTAGE DISCOUNTS: Don't forget we offer big postage discounts on multi wins..the more LPs you win, the cheaper the postage works out for you worldwide- Up to 2 kilos or 5 LPs, after which we will send your wins in more than one parcel..ALL very well protected in mailers, stiffeners, plenty of tape & protection, then 'signed delivered' to your door- and to date we have nad NO damaged items! ;0) We hope you enjoy looking at this item, and good luck if you decide to bid for it...We can safely say you will not be dissapointed- If you need to know anyting else, please feel free to contact us with any questions. All our items are sent 'signed delivery' tracked to your door, (we have never had an item go missing anywhere in the world!) for peace of mind for both you and us! All items are sent in strong protective mailer boxes and stiffeners. With over 28 years in mail order and the music industry 'worldwide' we pride ourselves on the fact you can bid safely on all our items, and knowing you are being dealt with by professionals. ENJOY! ;0) Powered by eBay Turbo Lister
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