DR. SPEC'S OPTICAL ILLUSION Tryin to Mess My Mind 45 Original Flambeau RARE 1967

$2,524.00 USD
June 13, 2018 - 07:39:01 PM GMT (6 months ago)
Dr-spec-s-optical-illusion-tryin-to-mess-my-mind-45-original-flambeau-rare-1967_39958362 Dr-spec-s-optical-illusion-tryin-to-mess-my-mind-45-original-flambeau-rare-1967_39958363 Dr-spec-s-optical-illusion-tryin-to-mess-my-mind-45-original-flambeau-rare-1967_39958364
The record for sale is an extremely rare original 45rpm pressing on the Flambeau label of Tryin to Mess My Mind & She's The One released in 1967 by a psychedelic garage rock band called Dr. Spec's Optical Illusion from New Orleans. The record is the original 1967 release on the Flambeau label, and is not the 2004 re-issue that was released on the Crypt label. Please see the several pictures I have taken of the actual record that I am selling to validate the overall condition, which includes 2 stock pictures of the label for the 2004 re-issue released on Crypt to show the difference from the original 1967 Flambeau label version that I have listed for this auction. The record appears to only have been played an estimated half-dozen times based upon the condition of the original surface luster on each side, and the record is in Very Good to Very Good(+) overall condition. Both sides of the record playback very strong with no skipping and no significant background noise when I tested it, and there are only a few minor visible surface marks on each side of the record. The label on Side A contains a shadow of the band's name, and must have been stamped off-center before the final more visible name of the band was stamped on during final production. The label on Side B contains a shadow of the song title, and must have also been stamped off-center before the final more visible name of the band was stamped on during final production. The matrix runout codes on each side of the record are the original etched-in identifiers. I have also included the general definitions for the categories that I am basing the condition grading of the record below as reference. Barcode and Other Identifiers: Matrix / Runout (Label side A): 133-2309 Matrix / Runout (Label side B): 133-2310 Condition Grading Categories: MINT: No scuffs, scratches, blotches, stains, labels, writing, tears or splits. Simply perfect. NEAR MINT (NM): A Record that may have one or two tiny, minor flaws such as light paper scuffs from sliding in and out of the sleeves that do not affect play. EXCELLENT (EX or VG+): A Record has been handled and played either very little or very carefully. The vinyl may have lost some but not all of the original luster or have a slight scratch that does not affect play. VERY GOOD (VG): A Record that displays visible signs of handling and playing such as loss of vinyl luster, light surface scratches, groove wear and spindle trails. A VG record may look like it will have some audible surface noise when it is played, although any noise should not overwhelm the music or ruin the listening experience. GOOD (G): The Record is well played, with any number of defects such as complete loss of surface sheen, obvious surface noise, etc.
June 06, 2018 - 07:39:01 PM GMT (6 months ago)
Dr-spec-s-optical-illusion-tryin-to-mess-my-mind-45-original-flambeau-rare-1967_39958370 Dr-spec-s-optical-illusion-tryin-to-mess-my-mind-45-original-flambeau-rare-1967_39958373 Dr-spec-s-optical-illusion-tryin-to-mess-my-mind-45-original-flambeau-rare-1967_39958374 Dr-spec-s-optical-illusion-tryin-to-mess-my-mind-45-original-flambeau-rare-1967_39958376 Dr-spec-s-optical-illusion-tryin-to-mess-my-mind-45-original-flambeau-rare-1967_39958380 Dr-spec-s-optical-illusion-tryin-to-mess-my-mind-45-original-flambeau-rare-1967_39958383 Dr-spec-s-optical-illusion-tryin-to-mess-my-mind-45-original-flambeau-rare-1967_39958386 Dr-spec-s-optical-illusion-tryin-to-mess-my-mind-45-original-flambeau-rare-1967_39958387 Dr-spec-s-optical-illusion-tryin-to-mess-my-mind-45-original-flambeau-rare-1967_39958388


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