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EL CIEGUITO DE NAGUA - "LA ASPIRINA" (KAREN RECORDS STEREO KLP-16) RECORD IS IN VG++ CONDITION!!!! JACKET IS IN VG++ CONDITION!!!! LADO A: 1) LA ASPIRINA 2) LA SECRETARIA 3) EL PUEBLITO ESPANOL 4) LA GOTA GORDA 5) EL DESO Y LA VAINA 6) EL ZAPATO Y EL CORDON LADO B: 1) LA OPINION 2) DAME UN BESITO 3) LA NENA 4) LA SOGA 5) PONTE CLARO JUAN QUIBIN 6) LA PELUCA ***PLEASE NOTE: ALL RECORDS ARE VISUALLY GRADED ONLY UNLESS I STATE THAT THEY ARE PLAY-GRADED*** PAYMENT IS DUE WITHIN 3 DAYS UNLESS ARRANGEMENTS HAVE BEEN MADE EITHER PRIOR TO BIDDING OR SHORTLY AFTER AUCTION ENDS. IF YOU ARE BIDDING ON OTHER ITEMS LET ME KNOW AND I'LL WAIT UNTIL THOSE AUCTIONS END BEFORE SENDING YOU AN INVOICE. IF PAYMENT IS NOT MADE AND THERE IS NO CONTACT WITHIN THREE DAYS ITEM WILL BE RELISTED). PLEASE KNOW THAT I’M NEW TO EBAY BUT I’M NOT NEW TO SELLING RECORDS. I’M NOT AN EXPECT, BUT I’VE BEEN DOING IT FOR YEARS. MY GOAL IS TO MAKE SURE YOU ARE SATISFIED WITH YOUR PURCHASE. AS A CUSTOMER, I CONSIDER YOU TO BE VERY IMPORTANT TO ME AND MY GOAL IS TO HAVE REPEAT CUSTOMERS. IF THERE IS A PROBLEM PLEASE FEEL FREE TO CONTACT ME FIRST. I DO COMBINE SHIPPING WITHIN THE U.S. SO FEEL FREE TO LOOK AROUND. I DON’T JUST POST THINGS ON EBAY WITHOUT THOROUGHLY RESEARCHING THE PRODUCT. ESPECIALLY WITH ALBUMS, I WILL NOT POST AN ALBUM WHERE THERE’S ALREADY 20 TO 30 COPIES OF THE SAME RECORD UNLESS THERE IS SOMETHING SPECIAL OR THERE’S A GREAT DEMAND FOR IT SO TAKE A LOOK AT MY OTHER AUCTIONS. THERE ARE USUALLY SOME VERY HARD TO FIND RECORDS LISTED. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ GRADING - GOLDMINE GRADING STANDARDS TABLE: NEAR MINT (NM OR M-): A good description of a NM record is “it looks like it just came from a retail store and it was opened for the first time.” In other words, it’s nearly perfect. VERY GOOD PLUS (VG+): VG+ records may show some slight signs of wear, including light scuffs or very light scratches. Slight warps that do not affect the sound are OK. Minor signs of handling are OK, too, such as telltale marks around the center hole, but repeated playing has not misshapen the hole. There may be some very light ring wear or discoloration, but it should be barely noticeable. VERY GOOD (VG): VG records have more obvious flaws than their counterparts in better shape. They lack most of the original gloss found on factory-fresh records. Groove wear is evident on sight, as are light scratches deep enough to feel with a fingernail. VERY GOOD MINUS (VG -): Good does not mean bad! This record can serve as filler until something better comes along. But it has significant surface noise and groove wear, and the label is worn, with significant ring wear, heavy writing, or obvious damage caused by someone trying to remove tape or stickers and failing miserably. A Good to VG– cover has ring wear to the point of distraction, has seam splits obvious on sight and may have even heavier writing, such as, for example, huge radio station letters written across the front to deter theft. If the item is common, it’s probably better to pass it up. But if you’ve been seeking it for a long time, get it cheap and look to upgrade. GOOD or (G): A good record will look very well played, dull, grayish and possibly abused. However a Good record should still play. It will have distracting surface noise. Such as crackle that is continuous or some hiss. Will also have some loss of dynamics caused from grooves being worn.
May 01, 2014 - 01:19:08 AM GMT (over 8 years ago)
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  1. Description of this is Merengue Tipico