ELVIS PRESLEY Elvis "April '66 Pop Sampler" SPS-33-403 MINT PROMO RARE

$510.00 USD
September 10, 2019 - 04:50:03 PM GMT (9 months ago)
April '65 Pop Sampler" Original Sampler with Elvis Singing "Frankie and Johnny"!Catalog Number: SP-33-403Condition Of Item: No Picture Cover Made/Record SOLID NEAR MINTYear of Issue: 4-66Today's Auctions: Start off with a bang with two extremely rare promo's from RCA way back when, both are nearly impossible to find! The vinyl is just as crisp as new. Also following is the April 1966 Pop Sampler that included Elvis singing "Frankie and Johnny" and then on with other great Elvis albums, just a super day for the Elvis collector. Combined shipping and everything starts at $9.99! This is an incredibly rare Sampler that features various RCA stars of 1966 including Elvis singing "Frankie and Johnny". This record again is in stunning Near mint condition, labels and record are almost perfect, The book value few years ago was $800, this one is worth all of that if not more. Not easy to find!!!
August 31, 2019 - 04:50:03 PM GMT (9 months ago)
33 RPM


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