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Eno-here-come-the-warm-jets-orig-island-germany-pressing-beauty-addl-ships-1_38615829 Eno-here-come-the-warm-jets-orig-island-germany-pressing-beauty-addl-ships-1_38615838
READ COMPLETELY: Ebay offers 2 CATEGORIES for listing records: New and USED. All records that I list are USED. By definition, a USED record will have characteristics that may make it LOOK (and SOUND) DIFFERENT from a new record. A grade of "MINT" is the closest a used record will be to new. The further the grade deviates from Mint, the less it will look (and sound) like a new record, and the more WEAR or IMPERFECTIONS it will have. Some buyers have incorrectly tried to refer to this wear as "defects" or "damage" ("defects" are only applicable to new products that have been manufactured incorrectly, and "damage" is what happens when a product is broken in some way that can be identified. Neither term is applicable to a USED record). "Wear" is actually just the long-term effect of handling (or mis-handling). This "wear" ( what some try to call "defect/damage") will be in the form of shadows, scuffs, hairlines, marks/scratches, abrasions, discolorations, uneven surface, etc. Covers graded less than mint may also have some degree of "defect or damage", in the form of wear to the surfaces, edges, seam splitting, creases, spotting, and discoloration. ALL USED RECORDS ARE WORN (DEFECTIVE OR DAMAGED, IF YOU PREFER AN INCORRECT TERM) IN SOME WAY, IF ONLY THE REDUCED FIDELITY FROM A STYLUS TRAVELING ALONG THE GROOVES EVERY TIME IT HAS BEEN PLAYED. * GRADING OF RECORD IS A SUBJECTIVE "BEST EFFORT" OPINION ONLY. * ALL ITEMS ARE USED, VINTAGE UNLESS NOTED OTHERWISE. * HISTORY, PRIOR USAGE, CARE, CLEANING, ETC. BY PREVIOUS OWNER ARE UNKNOWN. * ALL ITEMS DESCRIBED VISUALLY ONLY - NOT PLAYED BY SELLER. SELLER MAKES NO REPRESENTATION OF THE RECORD'S SOUND. * SINCE ANY USED ITEM MAY BE CONSIDERED DEFECTIVE, IT MAY HAVE SKIPS, STICKING, POPS, CLICKS, STATIC, MINOR SURFACE UNEVENNESS. * DEFECTS TO VINYL MAY OR MAY NOT BE VISIBLE. * USED RECORDS, DUE TO UNPREDICTABLE EFFECT OF PAST USE, ARE OFFERED AS COLLECTIBLES ONLY (FOR PARTS OR REPAIR ). * DUE TO SHIPPING COSTS RELATIVE TO ITEM VALUE, NO RETURNS. * DESCRIPTIVE TERMS VARY AMONG RECORD BUYERS AND SELLERS. WHAT I CALL A MARK, SCUFF, SHADOW, OR HAIRLINE...YOU MAY CALL A SCRATCH, AND VICE VERSA. NO DIFFERENT THAN ME SAYING A TIRE HAS A FLAT, AND YOU CALLING IT A PUNCTURE. A HAIRLINE IS A VERY TINY FAINT SCRATCH, A SLIDE SHADOW IS NOT, BUT I CAN'T CONTROL WHAT YOU CALL IT. * IF YOU ARE IN THE MARKET FOR MUSIC MEDIA THAT LOOKS OR SOUNDS FLAWLESS, I SUGGEST YOU BUY A CD OR DIGITAL DOWNLOAD; USED RECORDS WILL NOT. IF YOU ARE UNCOMFORTABLE WITH THE FACTS REGARDING THE PURCHASE OF A USED RECORD, I SUGGEST YOU REVIEW MY FEEDBACK, AND IF YOU REMAIN UNCOMFORTABLE I SUGGEST A BRICK-AND-MORTAR USED RECORD STORE. If you are international, make sure you review shipping terms below. US shipping $3.99 by Media Mail. Add'l records in same shipment $1 in USA. I combine for 1 week. Payment expected in 2 days.Grading scale categories are: NearMint / EXcellent / VG+ / VG / VG- / G. Only a SEALED record will be graded MINT. Any grade below mint will POTENTIALLY have some sort of defect, although VERY minor in the case of "NM". (Note that NM and EX records are in TOP/Near Top condition, and are VERY nice. "NM" does not necessarily mean LIKE NEW, but will be very close to it; maybe a faint hairline(s)/paper shadows on vinyl, cover may have a light crease or very faint wear). "EX" grades usually have a few more light hairlines and/or paper slide shadows, covers showing a bit more wear. "VG+" and "VG" records are "OK" copies, with light marks/light scratches (as you get toward the lower end of VG, may be heavier/feelable) and/or more hairlines/scuffs. VG- and G records are approaching/at THE BOTTOM of the grading scale, 4 to 5 levels BELOW a NM record. They may have some visible and/or feelable scratches, possibly heavy "chickenscratch" swirl marks, and as they get to lower VG- and G they should be looked at strictly as filler copies with wear that may seriously affect play. Covers follow same grading scale, and those at bottom of scale will be in rougher condition. Bid accordingly. GRADING TERMS USED: A HAIRLINE is a very tiny/faint scratch mark on the surface, usually only visible under bright light or sunlight. A SHADOW is the long surface scuffing that occurs when records are scraped by the edge of the cover or paper sleeve. It is usually only visible when viewing the record at certain angles. A SCRATCH is a short to long mark on the record, something can may or may not be felt with a human fingernail. RESIDUE is the shading that occurs from the paper inner sleeve having transferred it's acid onto the surface of the record. ALL OF THESE TERMS MEAN THAT THERE WILL BE A VISIBLE, AND POSSIBLY AUDIBLE, IMPERFECTION ON THE SURFACE OF THE RECORD. ATTEMPTING TO STATE THAT A HAIRLINE IS ACTUALLY A SCRATCH, OR THAT A SHADOW IS ACTUALLY A SCUFF, IS NOT GROUNDS FOR CLAIMING THAT A RECORD IS "NOT AS DESCRIBED". If you have a question about the imperfection(s) stated in the listing, contact me well before the end of the auction. Failure to do so is indication that you accept the descriptive terms used, and that imperfections on the vinyl/cover exist. A WARP is an uneven surface; most USED records have some degree of unevenness, but play fine. Note: Non-payments are inconvenient to the seller and unfair to SERIOUS bidders. Therefore, payment is requested within 3 days unless combining, and I will combine for up to 1 week....just let me know. If there has been no communication after 3 days, an unpaid item case will open automatically. Thanks for your consideration. INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING is via the Ebay Global Shipping Program. No exceptions to this. Do NOT request an invoice from me; Bay will provide an invoice at auction end. Some international buyers have tried to circumvent Ebay Global Shipping by requesting and invoice from me. DO NOT DO THIS! If you DO request an invoice from me, it creates a major problem, and the transaction will be cancelled. You will NOT get the record.Finally, shipping costs. Due to increasing breakage of records during shipment, higher priced records will have to be insured and thus will carry shipping costs of $4.99.
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