EX+/EX+ The Rain Parade "Emergency Third Rail Power Trip" ORIG UK 1983 Neo Psych

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Ex-ex-the-rain-parade-emergency-third-rail-power-trip-orig-uk-1983-neo-psych_41919025 Ex-ex-the-rain-parade-emergency-third-rail-power-trip-orig-uk-1983-neo-psych_41919041 Ex-ex-the-rain-parade-emergency-third-rail-power-trip-orig-uk-1983-neo-psych_41919052
About This Record. This is an original copy of The Rain Parade's first LP from 1983 released in the UK on the Enigma Label entitled "Third Rail Emergency Power Trip" This is exceptionally good Neo Psych from some guys I went to Carleton College with in Minnesota way back when. Highly recommended. Please see the details below about the cover, vinyl, labels and everything else you might want to know.PLEASE CHECK my Feedback which will show you my grading, Cover/Vinyl, of other 45rpms and LPs I have recently sold and what the lucky people who bought them think of them and our experience. The photos of the labels or cover list the songs and any possible details about the labels. I offer full refund including shipping both ways (for USA and foreign buyers in case for some wildly strange reason you might be unhappy with this purchase). Comes cleaned on my KL Audio Ultrasonic Record Cleaner and placed in a new dust-free sleeve for your grandchildren. And at least one plastic sleeves for moisture protection (for you and me).Cover Condition: Excellent Plus (EX+) cover. TKeeper Copy! Please see all my Photos. I didn't take them for fun and frolic.Vinyl Condition: Excellent Plus (EX+) LP. Light marks.Labels. Near Mint Labels. Normal 0 false false false EN-US JA X-NONE Inserts: Comes with original plain white (now brown) paper inner sleeve, but new sleeve per below after cleaning. Packaging. I clean all vinyl on my KL Audio Ultrasonic Record Cleaning Machine and place it in a new innersleeve so the old dust does not reattach; but I also include the innersleeve that came with the LP if it is the original. I separate the vinyl in its new sleeve after cleaning from the cover, and place the cover and the separately packed vinyl in at least one if not two plastic innersleeves that help protect against moisture damage during this cool records transition to your record collection. I use sturdy carboard containers with real corners and pack with at least two insert stiffeners, and I place neon stickers on the front and back of the package indicating “Do Not Bend” and/or “Fragile” or something like that to help facilitate a safe passage. Shipping and Payment. PayPal only. I ship promptly worldwide; sometimes the automatic eBay invoice does not have accurate shipping if you buy more than one LP, so if you are unsure email me and ask for an invoice. . . . I offer full refund on this record including shipping both ways, unless you live outside North America in which case I will refund you shipping one way unless I made a mistake which I sometimes do because I am only human.. CALIFORNIA RESIDENTS: Please add sales tax!
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