Fantastic 12” Vinyl Hip Hop, Rap Album Collection,old Sokol, Very Rare!!!

$95.20 USD
February 10, 2019 - 05:23:13 PM GMT (5 days ago)
Fantastic-12-vinyl-hip-hop-rap-album-collection-old-sokol-very-rare_45268053 Fantastic-12-vinyl-hip-hop-rap-album-collection-old-sokol-very-rare_45268066 Fantastic-12-vinyl-hip-hop-rap-album-collection-old-sokol-very-rare_45268069
Fantastic 12” Vinyl Hip Hop, Rap Album Collection,old Sokol, Very Rare!!!. Condition is Used. Reluctantly selling a proportion of my treasured record collection that I’ve been building for much of my life, these just don’t get the time on the turntable that they deserve, so seems an appropriate time for them to find a new home where they will be used as they should. Classics galore as you will see from the pics, Gang Staar and Main Source being particularly rare on these pressings as you will no doubt know if you are looking!! All vinyl shows signs of use and does have the odd mark, hiss, pop and crackle, but no more than you would expect, these have been played many many times, so not perfect!! I’m probably being over cautious with the description, but I’m a vinyl lover myself, so would want to know myself. Great collection!! Happy bidding
February 03, 2019 - 05:23:13 PM GMT (12 days ago)
Fantastic-12-vinyl-hip-hop-rap-album-collection-old-sokol-very-rare_45268073 Fantastic-12-vinyl-hip-hop-rap-album-collection-old-sokol-very-rare_45268077 Fantastic-12-vinyl-hip-hop-rap-album-collection-old-sokol-very-rare_45268082 Fantastic-12-vinyl-hip-hop-rap-album-collection-old-sokol-very-rare_45268084 Fantastic-12-vinyl-hip-hop-rap-album-collection-old-sokol-very-rare_45268092 Fantastic-12-vinyl-hip-hop-rap-album-collection-old-sokol-very-rare_45268096 Fantastic-12-vinyl-hip-hop-rap-album-collection-old-sokol-very-rare_45268107 Fantastic-12-vinyl-hip-hop-rap-album-collection-old-sokol-very-rare_45268110 Fantastic-12-vinyl-hip-hop-rap-album-collection-old-sokol-very-rare_45268117


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