George Michael ‘Older’ vinyl - includes “Jesus to a child” and “Fast love”

$557.13 USD
July 11, 2018 - 01:27:01 PM GMT (8 months ago)
George-michael-older-vinyl-includes-jesus-to-a-child-and-fast-love_40547352 George-michael-older-vinyl-includes-jesus-to-a-child-and-fast-love_40547354 George-michael-older-vinyl-includes-jesus-to-a-child-and-fast-love_40547356
George Michael ‘Older’ vinyl, includes “Jesus to a child” and “Fastlove”. Used but in Great condition - some imperfections and marks to outer sleeves, particular around the corners due to storage, but the vinyl’s are in a fantastic condition. Rare and collectible set. I will consider delivering locally, or at cost, depending on mileage. Feel free to message me for further information.On 02-Jul-18 at 06:59:40 BST, seller added the following information: As someone asked about the blue spot on the cover of the sleeve - the blue spot is one of the imperfections. I’m not sure what caused it to discolour.On 06-Jul-18 at 07:07:00 BST, seller added the following information: The 3rd and 7th pic are of the same vinyl. There aren’t two of the same in the set.On 06-Jul-18 at 16:57:15 BST, seller added the following information: To confirm, the vinyls in pic 3 and 5 come in the sleeve in pic 1.On 08-Jul-18 at 15:21:17 BST, seller added the following information: By request - I have added pictures of the sleeve, showing the condition of the corners. Minimal damage, and a small inch long split at the top of the sleeve.
July 01, 2018 - 01:27:01 PM GMT (8 months ago)
George-michael-older-vinyl-includes-jesus-to-a-child-and-fast-love_40547357 George-michael-older-vinyl-includes-jesus-to-a-child-and-fast-love_40547359 George-michael-older-vinyl-includes-jesus-to-a-child-and-fast-love_40547360 George-michael-older-vinyl-includes-jesus-to-a-child-and-fast-love_40547361 George-michael-older-vinyl-includes-jesus-to-a-child-and-fast-love_40547363 George-michael-older-vinyl-includes-jesus-to-a-child-and-fast-love_40547364 George-michael-older-vinyl-includes-jesus-to-a-child-and-fast-love_40547366 George-michael-older-vinyl-includes-jesus-to-a-child-and-fast-love_40547367 George-michael-older-vinyl-includes-jesus-to-a-child-and-fast-love_40547368


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