GEORGE STRAIT - 'Strait From The Heart' - 1982 Original US Vinyl LP

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April 20, 2019 - 01:38:34 PM GMT (about 1 year ago)
YES, I WILL COMBINE POSTAGE WITHIN THE UK. NOTE THAT FOR ALL INTERNATIONAL ORDERS I GO THROUGH GSP (THEY SET THE POSTAGE RATE SO CHECK BEFORE YOU BUY/BID) AND THEY SEND THE INVOICE. DO NOT BID unless you are prepared to pay Ebay's Global Shipping Centre charges. Thank you. IF YOU HAVE AN ISSUE WITH YOUR ORDER PLEASE IN THE FIRST INSTANCE APPROACH ME FOR HELP/A REFUND. I AM VERY REASONABLE AND WILL SEEK TO SETTLE YOUR REQUEST IF REASONABLE. I BECOME UNREASONABLE ONLY IF YOU GO AGAINST THIS SIMPLE PIECE OF ADVICE. All items I sell have been thoroughly checked several times and I list any fault found. But I do make mistakes. I am human. Only some of the records, tapes or CD’s have been play tested (unless stated otherwise) …I would spend my life playing and never get around to listing. I use the standard criteria for vinyl, insert and cover quality and will individually state that. E.g. M = MINT, NM = NEAR MINT, EX = EXCELLENT, VG = VERY GOOD. See grading below! However, I try to avoid for the best part any vinyl/CD’s below that standard. I also try to err on the negative side when grading and many customers have commented as to how their records were better than expected. Note that all international sales are via Ebay's Global Shipping Centre ONLY. I am unable to combine postage on international sales. I politely request that you do not ask. Also, if you are an international buyer please See all previous feedback. I am an independent one-person operation and live or die by feedback. Please, when you receive one of my items, check it is what I’ve said it is in terms of quality/condition. If you have any cause for complaint whatsoever then please contact me immediately so I can resolve any issue you have fairly and quickly. I am very reasonable and unafraid of making financial compensation. However, if you are unhappy with any item I have sent then please DO NOT keep this to yourself and then months later post a neutral or negative comment. Why would anyone do that? TELL ME IMMEDIATELY IF YOU HAVE A PROBLEM! AND YES…I COMBINE POST AND WILL CHECK WITH YOU WHETHER THE TOTAL COST IS OK. GRADING Records/CD’s are graded to UK record collector standard and are as follows. A plus (+) or – (minus) may be used to indicate that the record is just shy of the next grading tier. MINT (M) Absolutely perfect in every way. Certainly, never been played, possibly even still sealed. Will only be used if I can guarantee the record is unplayed. NEAR MINT (NM) COVER/INNER: Only the slightest of wear. There will be no bends, folds, seam splits, cut outs, holes or similar defects. VINYL: Again, only the slightest of wear for example a couple of ultra-light sleeve removal scuffs. The playing surface will not have any marks or scratches and the label will be bright and clean with only light spidering at the very most. SOUND: There should be almost no loss of audio quality, the only audible flaws should be some light static in between tracks and occasionally in very quiet passages. Overall will sound bright, crisp and clean. EXCELLENT (EX) COVER/INNER: There will be some light age related wear this is normally in the form of a few light creases around the spine and the beginning of some light ring wear. The sleeve will be nice and solid with a fully legible spine. VINYL: The playing surface will have a couple of very light marks or scratches that are superficial flaws and will not affect the sound quality. Labels will be bright and clean but may have some light wear around the spindle hole. SOUND: Some slight loss of audio quality is to be expected with the occasional light click (no pops). Some light surface noise may be heard in the quietest parts of the record. VERY GOOD (VG) COVER/INNER: Age related wear will be evident in the form of creases, upturned corners shelf, edge and ring wear. Writing, cut outs, stickers and/or their residue may also be present but not in conjunction with more than two of the aforementioned age-related defects. VINYL: Light scratches, marks and groove wear will start to be evident. Labels may have writing, staining, stickers and/or their residue although not all of these at the same time. SOUND: A significant loss of audio quality will be present in the form of light pops, clicks and surface noise however it will not be enough to overpower the music and will still be a nice playable and listenable copy. GOOD (GD) COVER/INNER: The sleeve will start to be overwhelmed by flaws and may have some or all of these; seam splits, bends, folds, creases, stickers, residue, writing, cutouts and staining. Although it will be heavily worn the sleeve will still be able to serve it's original purpose of holding the record. VINYL: I avoid! SOUND: I avoid. FAIR (F) & POOR (P) I AVOID!
April 15, 2019 - 01:38:34 PM GMT (about 1 year ago)
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