GLORY & PRAISE VOL. 2 4 LP massive set of Christian music - almost 100 tracks

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Various Artists - Glory & Praise, Volume 2 North American Liturgy Resources (N.A.L.R.) / LP-82 1980 4x Vinyl LP Set U.S.A. Tracklisting: A1 Darryl Ducote - All Our Joy A2 Gary Ault - All That We Have A3 Tom Conry - Anthem A4 Tom Conry - Ashes A5 J. Kavanaugh, S.J. - A Banquet is Prepared A6 Dan Schutte, S.J. - Before the Sun Burned Bright A7 Rev. Carey Landry - Bloom Where You're Planted A8 Michael Lynch - Bread Blessed and Broken A9 Rev. Carey Landry - Choose Life A10 Rev. Carey Landry - Come, Return to the Lord A11 Dan Schutte, S.J. - Come to Me, All Who Are Weary A12 John Foley S.J. - Come to the Water B1 John Foley S.J. - The Cry of the Poor B2 Rev. Carey Landry - Dance In the Darkness B3 Rev. Carey Landry - Do You Really Love Me? B4 Tim Manion - Emanuel B5 Buddy Ceasar - Emmanuel B6 Roc O'Connor, S.J. - Exult, You just Ones B7 Michael Lynch - Father of Peace B8 Joe Zsigray - Father, We Sing Your Praises B9 Bob Fabing, S.J. - Get Me to the Promised Land B10 Robert Stamps - God and Man at Table Are Sat Down B11 Bob Fabing, S.J. - His Love Will Ever Be B12 Michael Joncas - I Have Loved You C1 Rev. Carey Landry - In Memory of Jesus C2 John Foley S.J. - I Rejoiced C3 Paul Quinlan - It's a Brand New Day C4 Ron Ellis - Jesus Heal us C5 Ron Ellis - Jesus Is Our Prayer C6 Grayson Warren Brown - Jesus the Bread of Life C7 Rev. Carey Landry - Lead Us On, O Lord C8 Gary Ault - Let All the Earth C9 Dan Schutte, S.J. - Let the Valleys be Raised C10 Rev. Carey Landry - Like a Sunflower C11 Dan Schutte, S.J. - Like Cedars They Shall Stand C12 Darryl Ducote - Look Beyond D1 Joe Zsigray - Lord, Send Out Your Spirit D2 Mike Balhoff, Darryl Ducote, Gary Daigle - Lord, Today D3 Michael Joncas - Lord, to Whom Shall We Go? D4 John Foley S.J. - Mighty Lord D5 Ron Ellis - Miracle of Life D6 Dan Schutte, S.J. - Mountains and Hills D7 Gary Ault, Mike Balhoff, Buddy Ceasar, Gary Ault - My Soul Rejoices D8 Rev. Carey Landry - New Life D9 Rev. Carey Landry - Night is Over D10 Michael Joncas - On Eagle's Wings D11 John Foley S.J. - One Bread, One Body D12 John Foley S.J. - Only in God E1 Michael Joncas - Our Blessing Cup E2 Rev. Carey Landry - Pardon Your People E3 John Foley S.J. - Patience People E4 Bob Fabing, S.J. - Paul's Prayer E5 Bob Dufford, S.J. - The People That Walk in Darkness E6 Mike Balhoff, Darryl Ducote, Gary Daigle - Remember Your Love E7 Rev. Carey Landry - Sacrement E8 Buddy Ceasar - Service E9 Donald Reagan - Shalom E10 Rev. Carey Landry - Shepherd's Alleluia E11 Darryl Ducote - Sing Out His Goodness E12 Paul Quinlan - Sing to God a Brand New Canticle F1 Mike Balhoff, Darryl Ducote, Gary Daigle - F2 John Sheehan - Song of Jesus Christ F3 Joe Zsigray - Song of Thanksgiving F4 Bob Fabing, S.J. - Song of the Lamb F5 John Foley S.J. - Son of David F6 Gary Ault - Speak, Lord F7 Ron Ellis - Star-Light F8 Roger Smith - Suffering Servant Song F9 Michael Lynch - There's a Time, There's a Moment F10 John Foley S.J. - This Is My Body F11 Roc O'Connor, S.J. - Trust In the Lord F12 Dan Schutte, S.J. - Valleys of Green G1 Dan Schutte, S.J. - Wake From Your Sleep G2 Mike Balhoff, Darryl Ducote, Gary Daigle - We Praise You G3 Dan Schutte, S.J. - What You Hear in the Dark G4 Rev. Carey Landry - When You Seek Me G5 Ron Ellis - With All My Heart G6 Darryl Ducote - Without Clouds G7 Rev. Carey Landry - With What great Love G8 Rev. Carey Landry - The Word Who is Life G9 Donald Reagan - You Are My Friends G10 Roger Smith - Melchizedek Alleluia G11 Donald Reagan - Alleluia G12 Joe Regan - Lenten Gospel Acclamation G13 Donald Reagan - Praise to You, Jesus Christ H1 Rev. Carey Landry - We Believe H2 John Foley S.J. - Holy H3 Roger Smith - Hosanna for Joy H4 Tom Conry - Amanesis I H5 Tom Conry - Amanesis II H6 Tom Conry - Amen H7 Rev. Carey Landry - Acclamations: Bloom Where You're Planted - Glory to God - Holy, Holy - Memorial Acclamation - We Praise You - Amen H8 Joe Zsigray - Mass in A Minor - Lord Have Mercy - Glory to God - Alleluia - Holy, Holy - Christ Has Died - When We Eat This Bread - Dying You Destroyed Our Death - Lord, By Your Cross - Amen - Lamb of God Vinyl: All 4 discs VG. Cover: VG-, edge wear, creasing, some small surface tears, split seams but the records stay in fine because of the way it was designed. Pictures shown are the actual item for sale. Not stock images. Goldmine grading. Will be shipped in brand new mailer with cardboard inserts. Vinyl shipped outside of cover if unsealed to prevent seam splits. Click here for more Christian music records. Click here to browse all of my record listings.
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