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WE CURRENTLY HAVE  NEARLY 500  LISTED ITEMS Click here to see ALL our ROCK auctions Our PSYCH & PROGRESSIVE  auctions Our PUNK & NEW WAVE  auctions Our  JAZZ auctions Our BLUE NOTE JAZZ auctions  Our BLUES auctions Our CLASSICAL auctions Our COUNTRY auctions Our FUNK auctions Our LATIN auctions Our METAL auctionsOur REGGAE auctions Our SOUL auctions Our STILL SEALED ITEMS  Our PROMO auctions Our ACETATE  auctions Our TEST PRESSING  auctions  Our AUDIOPHILE auctions · GRATEFUL DEAD (WITH TWO FIFTHS OF THE SIR DOUGLAS QUINTET) - WAKE OF THE FLOOD - ORIGINAL 1973 GDR (GRATEFUL DEAD RECORDS) STEREO LP GD-01 · ORIGINAL U.S. PRESSING · *** INSANELY RARE, PRACTICALLY UNHEARD OF (ONLY ABOUT 4-5 TRANSACTIONS OF THIS TITLE HAVE BEEN RECORDED IN THE PAST 20 YEARS) GRATEFUL DEAD FAN CLUB-ONLY PRESSING ON TRANSLUCENT GREEN VINYL; EASILY, BY FAR, NO IFS, ANDS OR BUTS: THE RAREST GRATEFUL DEAD ALBUM PRESSING IN EXISTENCE. THIS IS THE FIRST, THE ONE AND THE ONLY COPY OF  THE GREEN WAX PRESSING WE  HAVE HELD IN OUR HANDS IN A LIFETIME OF COLLECTING AND WE DO NOT EXPECT TO SEE ANOTHER ONE ANY TIME SOON *** · ARTISAN PRESSING/MASTERING, PASADENA, CA · ORIGINAL BLACK AND WHITE GRATEFUL DEAD RECORDS LABEL WITH THE RAVEN MOTIF · THIS IS THE ORIGINAL, AUTHENTIC, FIRST U.S. PRESSING; THIS IS NOT A REISSUE, AN IMPORT, OR A COUNTERFEIT PRESSING. · ORIGINAL, THICK CARDBOARD COVER (AMERICAN STYLE) · ORIGINAL "TEXTURED" (CRUDE FINISH) COVER. · COVER IS STILL IN ITS ORIGINAL SHRINK (CELLOPHANE) WRAP WITH A NIFTY STICKER STILL AFFIXED TO THE WRAP · (PLEASE NOTE: ALL KNOWN COPIES OF THIS FAN-CLUB PRESSING PRESSED ON GREEN VINYL WERE STORED IN A FACILITY WHICH WAS - OH, IRONY - FLOODED,  WHICH IS WHY ALL KNOWN COPIES HAVE WATER STAINS AND WARPING RANGING FROM ALMOST INVISIBLE TO ABSOLUTELY DEVASTATING; ON THIS COPY, THE WATER STAIN IS PRACTICALLY INVISIBLE AND THE ONLY NOTEWORTHY SIGN OF WATER IMPACT IS THE SLIGHT WARP ALONG THE BOTTOM SEAM. · THICK, HEAVY VINYL PRESSING · CLEAN, WEAR-FREE LABELS · THE RECORD HAS A DATE STAMP OF 10-7-1973 HAND-ETCHED IN THE TRAIL-OFF VINYL (DEAD WAX) (PLEASE SEE THE IMAGE OF THE COVER, LABEL OR BOTH, SHOWN BELOW) (Note: this is a REAL image of the ACTUAL item you are bidding on. This is NOT a "recycled" image from our previous auction. What you see is what you’ll get.  GUARANTEED!) After satisfying their nine-title/dozen-disc deal with Warner Brothers, the Dead began their own record labels: Grateful Dead Records (for group releases) and Round Records (for solo projects). Wake of the Flood was the first Dead disc issued entirely under the band's supervision -- which also included manufacturing and marketing. Additionally, the personnel had been altered as Ron "Pigpen" McKernan had passed away. The keyboard responsibilities were now in the capable hands of Keith Godchaux -- whose wife Donna Jean Godchaux also provided backing vocals. It had been nearly three years since American Beauty -- their previous and most successful studio album to date -- and, as always, the Dead had been honing the material in concert. A majority of the tracks had been incorporated into their live sets -- some for nearly six months -- prior to entering the recording studio. This gave the band a unique perspective on the material, much of which remained for the next 20-plus years as staples of their concert performances. However, the inspiration and magic of the Grateful Dead's music has always been a challenge to capture in the non-reciprocal confines of a studio. Therefore, while Wake of the Flood was certainly as good -- if not arguably better than -- most of their previous non-live efforts, it falls far short of the incendiary performances the band was giving during this era. There are a few tracks that do tap into some of the Dead's jazzier and exceedingly improvisational nature. "Eyes of the World" contains some brilliant ensemble playing -- although the time limitations inherent in the playback medium result in the track fading out just as the Dead start to really cook. Another highlight is Bob Weir's "Weather Report Suite," which foreshadows the epic proportions that the song would ultimately reach. In later years, the band dropped the opening instrumental "Prelude," as well as "Part One," choosing to pick it up for the extended "Let It Grow" section. The lilting Jerry Garcia ballad "Stella Blue" is another track that works well in this incarnation and remained in the Dead's rotating set list for the remainder of their touring careers.  (EXCERPT FROM AN ONLINE REVIEW BY LINDSAY PLANER, ALL MUSIC GUIDE  /ALLMUSIC.COM/) Finding a FAN CLUB-ONLY PRESSING OF THIS TITLE ON GREEN WAX?!?! Forget it – not even a HOPE!!! This may be the last one you will ever see. For additional information on this album click here TO SEE IF WE HAVE OTHER LISTED ITEMS BY THIS GROUP OR ARTIST   CLICK HERE · CONDITION: · RECORD  (IMPORTANT NOTE: unless otherwise noted, ALL records are graded visually, and NOT play-graded!; we  grade records under the strong, diffuse room light or discrete sunlight) (a) WE GRADE THE VINYL  AS  NEAR MINT. Some VERY LIGHT AND SUPERFICIAL abrasions – mostly sleeve scuffs -  are (barely) visible, but are probably inaudible,  and do not affect visual integrity or beauty of the vinyl. The original luster is very much intact, and the vinyl shines and sparkles almost like new. (b) The record is pressed on a beautiful, thick, inflexible vinyl, which was usually used for the first or very early pressings. Usually, the sound on such thick vinyl pressings is full-bodied, vivid, and even dramatic. Do not expect to obtain such a majestic analog sound from a digital recording! (c) Fan club-only green vinyl pressing of this title is much rarer than the common, commercially released black vinyl copies.. We estimate that black copies of this album outnumber the green ones  by a ratio of at least 2000:1 (no exaggeration!). (d) Of course, this is a full-bodied ANALOG recording, and not an inferior, digital recording!!! · THE COVER THE COVER IS STILL IN ITS ORIGINAL SHRINK WRAP; HOWEVER, WE ARE UNABLE TO GRADE IT NEAR MINT DUE TO MINOR FLAWS LISTED BELOW; WE GRADE THIS COVER AS EXCELLENT OR VG++ The following flaws or imperfections are noted on the cover: - Front cover has circular tarnish (grayish, dust-covered sections, which closely follow the contour of the record),  probably caused by friction or by rubbing against other covers during the storage. The tarnish is similar in appearance to a common ring wear, but, UNLIKE ring wear, these grayish areas may be possible to clean up with a minor effort and with a right cleansing solution. - The cover has a few yellowish dust speckles scattered here and there (these tiny spots are not overly obtrusive or distracting) - Cover has a slight warp along the bottom seam; this has absolutely no effect on the record. - Cover shows some light yellowing on back side, apparently from aging.  (nothing significant) NO OTHER VISIBLE FLAWS OR IMPERFECTIONS ON THE  COVER POSTAGE & SHIPPING: We offer THREE postage rates for both Domestic and International Mail: Media Mail, Priority Mail and Express Mail for domestic, and First Class, Priority International Mail, and Express International Mail for international orders. INTERNATIONAL CUSTOMERS PLEASE NOTE: WE RECOMMEND that you pay for USPS International Priority Mail OR International Express mail when making a payment in order to obtain tracking information, which is NOT available for First Class International shipments. INTERNATIONAL POSTAGE rates vary from country to country. For SPECIFIC international and domestic postage rates click here. While you can be rest assured that our packaging is careful, sturdy and impact-proof, please note that damage, loss or theft in transit is always possible, and in the case of some countries even PROBABLE. To discuss this potential problem and ensure flawless delivery, please contact us thru eBay BEFORE placing a bid. WANT A DISCOUNT ?!?  IT’S EASY: CLICK HERE TO see HOW! (please note recent changes in our policy) FOR OTHER IMPORTANT INFORMATION, CLICK ON THE LINKS BELOW: OUR VOLUME DISCOUNTS AND POSTAGE REBATES OUR GRADING POLICY ITEMS WE DO NOT GRADE HOW TO ACKNOWLEDGE WINNING BID OR RESOLVE A DISPUTE OUR PAYPAL “CHARGEBACK” POLICY ACCEPTABLE PAYMENT METHODS OUR REFUND POLICY POSTAGE RATES AND DISCLOSURES PAYMENT DEADLINES FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS (FAQ) OUR REFUND POLICY : WE OFFER UNCONDITIONAL MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE WITHIN 30 DAYS FROM THE RECEIPT OF THE MERCHANDISE, NO QUESTIONS ASKED (THE BUYER PAYS FOR THE RETURN POSTAGE); Still sealed items MUST be returned sealed in order to be eligible for a refund Some restrictions apply. Please read our complete refund policy before placing a bid. Click here  for the full text of our policy © 2001,2007 MDJ. All rights reserved.
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