GRAVITY ADJUSTERS EXPANSION BAND One US 1973 ORG Shrink Private Psych Electronic

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******************************************************************************GRAVITY ADJUSTERS EXPANSION BAND: “One” LABEL: Nocturne Label Number: NRS-302 - Rare original 1st US pressing from 1973!!! - rare Private pressing of weird psych/ electronic/ minimal music LP- Housed in original shrink wrap- TOP CONDITION….. GRADING:LP Record Set: Near Mint – with shiny and glossy surface. Seems hardly have been played. Top condition Jacket: Near mint – still housed in original shrink wrap. No damages – sharp corners/ straight edges/ fully intact spine. Top shape Some words on this issue:GRAVITY ADJUSTERS EXPANSION BAND: “One” (Nocturne Records - NRS332) Although the Gravity Adjusters Expansion Band (GAEB) started in 1967 they remain one of the long lost and underestimated groups that explored the areas of sound sculpture, improvisation, experimental music and free jazz. The group had their roots in playing in and around the San Francisco bay area, and finally recorded their first LP in Los Angeles. Free jazz drummer Lee Charlton seamlessly shifts the moods from jazzy phrasing into the far more abstracted ideas of the world of sound sculpture. It is this abstract world where the GAEB mostly reside, using the invented instruments of multi-media artist Richard Waters, many of whose percussive and bowed instruments incorporate water filled resonators to bend and tune the sound. This was their first LP “One”, which appeared in 1973 on Nocturne Records, a small Californian label. it would be the first of their 2 released album’s, the second one appearing 8 years later. The music is totally spell binding and by gazing at the list of instruments deployed you can imagine in what territories the unit tend to dwell in: diatonic sound generator, bazooki, pipe drums, Aeolian space horn, synthesizer, waterphones, mytar, saws, bass violin, horizontal and upright phoniums, birdcalls, microtonal revolving sound generator, sgourd (?), superball mallets, water gong drums, log drums, springs, keyboards, assorted gourds, Princess oil can and more. So with these you can pretty much deduce that the sound of One is mainly percussive, but then again shagging this masterpiece of as just another rattling slab of a percussion record would be way too reductive. Instead, this is a sprawling exploration of ambient sound, very reminiscent of GAEB's sonic compatriots Taj Mahal Travelers and AMM. The Gravity Adjusters Expansion Band take percussive sounds and spread them way out, letting the overtones and reverberations shimmer and merge, so while these are still distinctly rhythmic arrangements, with plenty of tolling and chiming and ringing peppered with random bits of clatter and clang, the various sounds and their after affects create soft billows of background burble, muted melodic murmurs and all manner of sweetly sonorous and slow shifting soundscapes, each track a lush sonic exploration of bowed metals and vibrating strings, of objects both struck and stroked, a potential cacophony smoothed into lengthy dreamlike shimmers. So completely mesmerizing. SHIPPING IS FROM JAPAN AND IS NOT 4$ - CHECK SHIPPING RATES HERE BELOW!!! New to the e-bay game but long experience in selling records so bid with confidence. Our grading scale: Mint/ Near Mint/ Excellent/ VG++/. We don’t sell anything below VG++. VG++ grade is basically that the record has some scuffs and has wear. Excellent: record has hardly no visible defects and is preserved with care and attention, the condition most collectors take pride in to file away. Near Mint: a dash below mint, just perfect. Mint: like new. Auction must be paid for within 3 days of its ending, no exceptions. Please await our invoice before paying!! Also please ignore the ebay’s shipping calculator since it gives you an incorrect shipping cost/total. Bid with confidence, items are graded accurately. Payment preferable PayPal, otherwise please inquire before sending money. Japanese bidders can send their payment either via PayPal in US$ or through Bank Transfer in YEN. Everything must be shipped by Registered Airmail or EMS Mail. No exceptions. SHIPPING COSTS= Registered Airmail to USA/Canada/Mexico/Oceania = $22 for 1 LP, $25 for 2 LP's, and $30 for 3 LP's.= Registered Airmail to UK/Europe/Russia = $23 for 1 LP, $26 for 2 LP's, and $31 for 3 LP's.= Registered Airmail to South America = $30 for 1 LP, $33 for 2 LP's, and $39 for 3 LP's.= For Asian countries = Because the charge of the Registered Airmail is the same as EMS, we automatically send out your package by EMS. See the EMS rate below. In case of purchase more than $200, item(s) must be shipped by EMS(Express Mail with internet tracking, and the insurance).= EMS Shipping to USA/Canada/Mexico/Oceania = $25 for 1 LP, $29 for 2 LP's, and $33 for 3 LP's.= EMS Shipping to UK/Europe/Russia = $28 for 1 LP, $32 for 2 LP's, and $36 for 3 LP's.= EMS Shipping to South America = $37 for 1 LP, $42 for 2 LP's, and $48 for 3 LP's.= EMS Shipping to Asian countries = $20 for 1 LP, $23 for 2 LP's, and $26 for 3 LP's. Registered Airmail Shipping rates for EP’s:USA & EUROPE & AUSTRALIA: $13 for one EP; 15 for 2 EP’s and 18$ for 3 EP’sRegistered Airmail Shipping rates for CD’s:USA & EUROPE & AUSTRALIA: $10 for one CD and 12$ for 2 CD’sALL PARCELS OVER 2 KG WEIGHT MUST BE SHIPPED WITH EMS!!!***********************************************************************************************************************************************************
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