Harrison Quartette - Gennett 6652 - "Onward Christian Soldiers" V-

$9.99 USD
March 21, 2019 - 01:06:25 AM GMT (3 months ago)
For your consideration: The Harrison Quartette / Gennett Sacred Quartette - Gennett 6652 Note: Record grading is very subjective. Two people will rarely agree. That being said, I try to grade very conservatively using the VJM grading scale for 78 rpm records. I have included full photos of each side of the record in case anyone would like to try to zoom in to see condition (although I realize it is almost impossible to tell from photos but I include them anyway.) All records I sell have been gently but quickly cleaned. I do not do a detailed cleaning. I provide Visual Grades Only! I just don't have time to listen to each record anymore (unfortunately.) I use low opening bids because of this.----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Side A: Onward Christian Soldiers - V- (several small scuffs/scratches visible but still has some shine) Side B: Let The Lower Lights Be Burning - V- (several scuffs/scratches, nothing real deep, some groove wear but still has some shine) This record shows signs of use but still looks presentable. It has several small scratches but very few are deep enough to worry much about. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Note: I have experience selling and shipping these records. Your item will be carefully packaged to avoid damage in transit. I will combine shipping if you purchase multiple records. Thanks for Looking!!!
March 14, 2019 - 01:06:25 AM GMT (3 months ago)
78 RPM


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